Does drive wear if unmounted but still plugged in to power

Does a sata drive, or any drive for that matter, wear if unmounted - or - can I increase the drive longevity if I unmounted it, but still have it plugged in to power?

Running kubuntu 12.04. I have a sata drive, not a raid, used solely for backups. This is an internal drive.

I want to increase the longevity of this drive as much as possible. Does it increase the drive longevity / decrease the wear and tear on the drive if the drive is only mounted when A backup is performed?
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  1. The main thing is write read cycles so you will mostly wear during operations. Excess handling is just as likely to kill the drive as leaving it connected.
  2. Thanks.
    So - is sounds like I can leave the drive mounted. If its not doing being written to, such as during a backup operation, then there is little wear and tear on the device to be concerned about, correct?

    (to clarify: when I say "unmount the drive", i mean issuing the umount command. Not physically removing the drive from the computer)
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    If the drive isn't being used, IE: reading/writing anything, it will shut off and not move. This will dramatically increase the life span of the drive.
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