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Recently bought and assembled a new system and for the first day it posted with no problems. Initially I couldn't get the lan card to work right. Turns out my cable was lying - said it was a cat5e but really was just a cat5 which doesnt work with my mobo's "fast ethernet" port. That was after a day of unistalling and reinstalling windows 7 and all the drivers.

After that it still posted fine, then i couldnt get BF: Bad Company 2 to run without BSOD on start up. One fix I saw said Catalyst Control Center was the problem. So I uninstalled it and installed only the driver for the video card. Now I get an odd beep code when posting.

Here is a recording of the beep code

I can't quite figure out. Sounds like a two really short beeps together then another two really short beeps, then a final beep. My best initial guess was 1 long and 2 short because it posts and boots. Which would mean thats either bad memory or a possible video card problem.

CPU: i5-2500K
Mobo: MSI P67A-C45
RAM: OCZ OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 2x2Gb
GPU: HD 6870

Haven't overclocked it yet.

Bad Company 2 now works and no BSOD. Guild Wars works. And Starcraft 2 works.

Used the mobo utility tool to test the memory and it passed. Should use another tool and test it more extensively or is it my GPU?

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  1. I commented on another post regarding mobo beeps and I get the SAME sequence (the audio file was a nice addition).

    Seems noone knows. And yes... I googled the crap out of it and found nothing. I have the MSI p67A-GD55... same manufacturer, different board, same sound. Is it supposed to sound like that? Time to call support!
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