How do I install this HDD?

I have an old 250GB Seagate HDD that I want to put inside my computer. The thing is that it has a virus and I need to wipe it clean, if I install it would I just boot up into windows and be able to clean it completely? Also, this drive is really old so will it be able to work with SATA3? I want to use this second drive to use fraps more efficiently.

Would the virus spread to my boot drive somehow? I just need to wipe it clean without messing up anything.
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  1. Whatever you do don't boot from it. Fit it as a secondary drive (or put it in an external enclosure) then securely wipe it with Ccleaner's drive wiper set at 3 passes:
  2. if the drive is ide...check that your mb has an ide port. a lot of new mb dont have one. if it is ide and you dont you can see if you mb has an esata port and use an esat to ide case. if not you can still use it in a usb-3 case.
  3. The hard drive probably uses the first SATA. Could I plug it into my motherboard and just open something on windows and select the drive and delete everything on it, some sort of formatting software?
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