HD 5970 and gaming case ..will it fit?

my specs are
core i7 cpu
x-fi elite pro sound card
blu-ray disc drive
2TB hard drive
500 GB hard drive
asus P6T deluxe V2 mother board
antec skeleto case

what I want to know is will a HD 4890 like this one www.novatech.co.uk/novatech/prods/Components/Graphics-ATI/ATIHD5900Series/AX59702GBD5-MD.html
fit in the case?
also could someone recommend a psu please ?
on the site for the graphics card it states a 650 W psu, so I was thinking of this one www.ebuyer.com/product/135514
if any one can see any problems, please let me know, thanx...:)
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  1. why dont you just read the damn dimensions and measure it yourself?
  2. Aaron.... it was a simple question. If you're going to insult the guy, rather than give him a proper answer, don't reply at all.
  3. The 4890 will fit fine.. The real problem is installing some of the big tower CPU coolers.. Also the corsair TX 650 will easily power a single 4890 (may be even two, not sure though).. For a skeleton though, you might want to look for a modular PSU.. Your choice..
  4. crap...sorry guys...its not a H4890, I already have on of those, it the HD 5970 from the link.
    he hd 4890 is 23 cm in lengh, and the HD 5970 is 30 cm in length...im not sure if it will fit as the motherboard has sata connectors positioned in line with the pci-x slots. also cant measure as i dont have a ruler or anything
  5. The HD 5970 will not fit as you might already be knowing..
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