I recently built a custom PC out of brand new parts from Newegg. I installed Windows 7 and it was all working just fine. The one thing that is not new how ever is my gpu. Ive got an nvidia geforce 7900 gs. I installed all the appropriate drivers and everything. I was on my computer and it got the Blue Screen saying "IRQL not less or equal". I have no idea how to fix this. I read some things saying that my ram might be faulty but its brand new and quite nice.
i thought i fixed it but it keeps happening at random points. Then, just a few minutes ago, i got another BSOD that said "Page Fault in non paged area" That happened twice but hasn't again yet. Please help ASAP because i dont wanna damage my rig.
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  1. Could be a driver/video card issue. You might want to use the latest driver if you aren't already. Also, what are your detailed system specs, motherboard, CPU, RAM, etc.
  2. I figured it out, i think, im gonna leave the thread open though incase it happens again. Thanks for the help though.
  3. Im having very similar issues... Would you mind posting your solution.

  4. imdyinhere said:
    Im having very similar issues... Would you mind posting your solution.


    Well it turns out that i got a faulty stick of ram. I RMA'd it to newegg and got a new one. Works great now. I would suggest doing a diagnostic of your ram on your computer. In order to do this just type RAM in the search bar in the start menu on your desktop and look for "Diagnose your computer's memory problems" Click on it and run the test. If it says that there is something wrong, it is usually 99% right. If you are still unsure that it is in fact your ram that is the problem make sure ALL of your drivers are installed correctly, new drivers, in the right spot, etc. and if they are, as far as you can see, i would still suggest downloading a free driver finder from online to see if you are missing any. Be sure to restart your computer after installing all the drivers necessary if you did so. Also,it could be a problem if you have low amounts of ram and your gpu has a low amount of memory (256mb) but that is not very likely. After you have checked all these things and it turns out that it is your ram, contact me and i ill be glad to help you pick out some decent ram within your price range.
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