ATI 4650 512MB DDR2 on wIN 7 64 BIT

I upgrade my win 7 32 bit to 64 bit (Asus P5Q-E mother board) for using more memory. After installing Win7 when I installed Video drivers for ATI Radeon Sapphire HD 4650 512 MB DDR2, my computer screen turns blue on restart. I installed latest drivers from the AMD website. I uninstall the drivers and reinstall new drivers through Windows update, same thing happens again. I reinstall Win 7 64 bit and tried everything available on the net to install video drivers but still no success. Now I am using my video card without drivers, no blue screen, no driver failed message but screen resolution and quality is very poor. Can you please help me to solve this problem? I am thinking to buy a new video card. Is there any possibility that card is defective?

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  1. Make sure everything is uninstalled. I have no idea why you're having issues, as I've installed my drivers on this computer twice (same exact setup).
  2. I reinstall Window twice after reformatting my hard drive. I think may be my Video Card is defective, but it was working fine with Win 7 32 bit.
  3. the AMD website does not give good drivers. Try installing from the CD or get an earlier driver. I have an AGP 4650...if i installed AMD drivers than my computer would be messed up...if i installed CD drivers everything would be fine.

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