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Ok I recently purchased a Asus Matrix Rog 5870 that requires two 8pin connectors to power.
The motherboard i'm running right now isn't really giving it enough stable voltage to overclock.
It gives the pci e slots such low voltage that it has a 4pin molex to add graphic card stablity what a joke.. my fault though obviously.. its a biostar 790gx a3+

So I gotta buy a new motherboard and my girlfriends complaining about how slow her computer is so I figured I could go ahead and just get another processor/mobo and case and just give her the 3.4 965 (140w) Phenom II system I have because I have a 650w antec put up.

So i'm looking at what would be the next step up i'm really a big gamer and I was thinking a 6 core Phenom II looks sweet.
Also I came to the conclusion that by the time my 3d card is irrelevant it would probably be more of a better option to go ahead and buy a new one instead of going crossfire even though my power supply could handle it I got a 850w corsair hx.
And thinking that a motherboard that didn't have crossfire would be cheaper as I am on a budget.

Ok so i've blabbed on and on I was thinking the processors 300 bucks, a cheap gigabyte motherboard is 139 bucks.. I was thinking a little over 100 for 4gb of ram and then say 50-75 dollars for a case. processor and motherboard combo

heres some links to case/memory combos and i'm not sure which to pick

I'd rather throw more money at the cpu/motherboard then the ram and case because the case I already have is a antec 300 and is working fine and seems like the 3dcard I have will have a hard time fitting in alot of cases maybe even these? its dual slot and 11 inches long pretty big card barley fits in my antec 300..

I really am "pretty" set on the processor but as far as the case, memory and motherboard go I got no clue.

I know im looking for a motherboard with enough room for a 11 inch card, that it wont be sitting ontop of any sata ports or on any north or south bridges would be nice.

Also would it really be worth the performance difference? or should I just save the 100 bucks and go with another phenom Ii 965 3.4 125w version this time?
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  1. I wouldn't spend the price premium for that cpu. At that price point I would look at Intel. My cheapo i3 overclocks to 4.07 with a good heatsink. I never got that high with amd. So if you still want to go with amd, I would look for a combo special with the 945-965. I like the lower power cpus. They sometimes have a higher overclock potential.
  2. I value your opinion believe me but i'm not really one to overclock my cpu itself the gpu i'm all for it but really seems like these motherboards start getting very hot fast when you overclock and im looking for a system that is going to last me around 10years besides a 3dcard upgrade

    if you would could you show me a link to your processor and a suggestion on ram/case/motherboard? I don't really want to be going down in performance and give her the better performing cpu , lol :) I'm not bias against intel I just know amd is really cheaper for the bang for buck ratio as of late..
  3. cmaki2008 said:
    and im looking for a system that is going to last me around 10years besides a 3dcard upgrade

    Unrealistic. 10 years ago, if memory serves me correctly, we were talking about Pentium II's.
  4. Actually 10 years ago Pentium 3 1GHz when on sale with limited supply and in November Pentium 4 1.4 & 1.5GHz went on sale, but your point still stands even the best computer money can buy will be pathetic in 10 years.
  5. thats not really what im more worried about i'm more worried about is if my overclock on my videocard is the voltage going to be stable with that motherboard and a recommendation on ram for the 6 core amd processor, and actually my pentium 4 served me well up until 6 months ago..
  6. and really some advice as far as the case goes too.
  7. anyone?
  8. The antec 300 or rosewill cases from newegg will work with your budget. I can get antec 900 series ocassionally for $80 from frys. Check also. As far as cpus go, I just found a local craigslist vender selling the core i7 930's for $125 cash. If you find any similar deals, I would go for it. With a slight overclock, the 930 will beat any phenom. Sorry I can't post a link, but this seller is in austin tx.
  9. damn i'm looking but can't find it on austins craigslist that would be nice to find too because i got family down in austin that could pick me up one real quick :)
    ya i really like my antec 300 just was wanting to branch out a little maybe the rosewell but what model specificly?
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    It's in the computers and tech section on page one as "i7-930 2.8 ghz processors for sale". Be sure your friend knows how to identify the cpu by using the Intel serial number before he purchases one.
  11. on the cpu chip itself?
  12. still having a hard time locating this ad under austin/computers do you have a direct link?
  13. ended up getting a i7 930 from micro centers for 216 with tax don't think i did bad and I got the receipt and everything incase anything happens with it.. the hard part will be picking out a good mb now but it will happen
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