Video Card Failing

At least I assume it is.

My system is an XPS 410 with a GeForce 8600 GTS. Last night I was playing WoW and I noticed the performance was off. I shut the game down and ran CPUID's Hardware Monitor. It had both cores of my CPU running at a comfortable 31 degrees celsius but my GPU was running at 69 degrees celsius.

I'm not an expert but I'm thinking that when your video card is cooking along at 156 degrees fahrenheit it can't be a good thing. Any ideas as to how long I have before this thing dies?
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  1. Um... 69C is completely normal for a GPU. Is that your temp under load or idle. I would check your load temps on the GPU and let us know. I believe Nvidia GPU's have a max temp of 100C.
  2. Do you think the game playing would be enough to place the card under 'load'? If not, are there any utilities that you could point me towards to use?

    My apologies. I was really under the impression that anything north of 60 degrees celsius was a bad thing. That coupled with the performance issues in game and I figured that was the problem.
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    It should be able to put sufficient load on the GPU. It will not give a heavy load, but if it is only 69C i wouldn't worry about temps.

    GPU's have a higher thermal rating than CPU's. ATI GPU's have a max temp of 120C. Granted you usually run into issue as they approach 100C depending on the model, but 69 is by far within reason.
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  5. At the risk of necro'ing my own thread, I figured I'd provide an update. The idle temp on the card continues to raise and is now doing major artifacting. Video now locks up from time to time depending upon what I do.

    I'm trying to decide whether or not I should swap out the power supply and video card and try to make the present system last longer or man up and try and build something.
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