CPU overheat

Hello guys,

My specs:

Mobo : Asus Rampage II Extreme GENE Republic of gamers
CPU : intel 920 core i7 2,66GHZ
Memory : Corsair XMS3 3channel 2x2GB 1600 Mhz
GPU : Ati Radeon HD5770 1 GB DDR5
PSU : Raidmax 650 Watt
HDD : Hitachi 300 GB SATA

Ok guys this is the computer I'm building atm, it's all ready and working.

But my problem my CPU is overheating and even on default settings no overclocking at all.

My first thought was maybe not enough cooling paste 'cause I only had a bit from another project, or maybe the fact that this cheap PSU only has 4 pins instead of 8 for the CPU power, not sure about this but could this last thing be the reason ?
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  1. If it is overheating points mostly to the cooler not being attached correctly or lack of thermal paste
  2. ^ +1 also could be too much thermal paste how high are the temps, what cooler are you using and does you case have reasonable air flow?
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