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Well, I have dual monitors setup x2 ASUS VH222H. I hooked up my hdmi connector from my ps3 to my monitor. The display works fine but the sound from the monitor is playing by speakers and not from the Headphones which i want. The other monitor i use during the ps3 play is for movies/vent/msn things like that which go through my headphones fine. Is there a way i can make both monitors on headphones? Its really irriating playing at night with speakers on 1 of my monitor and not on the other.

Thanks :]] Reply quick pleaseee
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  1. You can use Audio Multi Out in the PS3 xmb to use the A/V cable (the yellow red black cable that came with it) as the audio output while still using HDMI for video. Its in the Sound settings. This is probably due to the monitor not wanting to convert HDMI into analog on the headphone port. It just passes the signal through when you use the 3.5mm jack on the other monitor from a computer.
  2. So if i do that the audio will go through my fatality headphones?
  3. Do fatality headphones use 3.5mm audio out and are connected to the monitor? Not usb right?
  4. Yes they use 3.5mm audio.
  5. I dont think my monitor has a A/V Adapter damn :(
  6. You just need a cable that is 2 RCA to 1 3.5mm stereo. Look at It will let you plug the RED an White cables from ps3 to a 3.5mm audio input on the monitor, then the headphones will work.
  7. :( i only have green and pink jacks behind my monitor i suppose those wont suffice?
  8. The red jack is the input I believe. The green one is the headphone jack. You have the PC connected to the other monitor with the red jack right?
  9. Uhm...The two monitors arent connected, I have dual video cards gtx 285s, both dvi... Thanks for all this btw, its helping alot.
  10. Right, not the video connections, mate. The audio connection from PC to the monitor. Am i missing something? Do you have two cables from your video cards going to 2 monitors, and then you have the PS3 connected in on an HDMI port too? If so, we have to go the complicated route.
  11. Well, I have 2 monitors that run a dvi cable to the 2 video cards. My ps3 is on the floor running a hdmi cable to the 1 monitor.
  12. fester is right. You want to set your ps3 sound settings to go through the av cables. Once you do that, you need a cable that will convert the 2 rca connections to a 3.5 mm female connection. Then you can plug in headphones, speakers etc. Mine works fine using a similar setup.
  13. Does that mean i have to unplugg my headset from my soundcard just to listen to one monitor? thats lame
  14. Okay I looked at newegg to see whats up with this monitor, with the ports and all. So you have 2 3.5mm jacks on the back of each monitor, the black and the green, the black is input, and the green is headphones, and the orange one is for SPDIF. This is a pass through jack for HDMI to go out of, to a receiver. Headphones will never work on it unless they have spdif input. There is likely now way to get the HDMI to ever output to analog (ie the green headphone jack), and at $150 for the monitor, that makes sense, the converter would add on a lot to it.

    So you need:
    1 cable like I mentioned above
    1 Y cable that has 2 3.5mm stereo jacks that go to 1 3.5mm stereo jack (also find on monoprice)
    then you can have both audio sources play to the monitor, and out to headphones.

    Simple! LOL
  15. Re: your last post

    You can also just plug the ps3 into the 1 cable, then into your sound card, then it gets mixed on the soundcard. That's probably easier.
  16. damn it :( sigh okay....Thanks man appreciate it. I wish it was just a plug and play kind of thing.
  17. So...if I get this right, you need:

    1: PS3 -> HDMI -> Moniter
    2: PS3 -> ??? -> Headphones

    Now, as I understand it, your moniter has two jacks, pink (Microphone input) and green (audio output). And if I understand you right, your headset is hooked up to the PC and not the moniter.

    If I understand everything right, there might be an easy way to get this working:
    1: HDMI (Audio/Video) to Moniter
    2: 3.5mm from the moniters green jack (Audio output) to PC's blue (or pink if no blue jack exists) 3.5mm jack (Audio/Microphone input)
    3: The green jack on the PC should now play back the audio signal passed from the moniter through the fatality headset. [You *might* need to go to the sound devices menu in the control panel and select the "monitering" checkbox for the audio/microphone input; this varies by sound device]

    All this is assuming the moniter has the ability to output the audio part of an HDMI signal through the analog audio output (the green jack) on the moniter...

    And yes, these setups can be a pain to figure out; my entire HT system broke because my cable box can NOT output non-Dolby signals when using HDMI of all things...
  18. "All this is assuming the moniter has the ability to output the audio part of an HDMI signal through the analog audio output (the green jack) on the moniter..."

    It doesn't, and it doesn't have a pink output, it has an orange RCA spdif out for outputting the HDMI audio. It has only the 1 black 3.5 mm input.

    The equation is:
    2: PS3 -> AV multi cable-> RCA to 3.5mm converter cable -> Sound card -> Headphones
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