Strange battery charge problem laptop running XP SP3. When I plug the charger in

I have an Acer 1690 laptop running XP SP3. When I plug the charger in it charges the battery fine' until it reaches 100%, then it' shows the battery is dead. If I unplug it it goes to sleep. If I unplug it before it\'s fully charged, it works fine, anywhere up to 98%. The green charge light is on for a while, but it starts flashing and that's when I know I can't unplug it. If I shut down, unplug the charger, and reboot, all is good with charge showing around 98%. Any suggestions?
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  1. Check for an updated driver from the Acer website.
  2. Thanks guys,

    Wow, just recieved notification that PhilFrisbee posted, 6 days after posted.

    PhilFrisbee, what driver should I look for? There isn't much there, but there's a few.
  3. Is it a genuine battery? If yes, go to the Acer website, and check for a BIOS update and any power management software update.
  4. Thanks for your help guys! I think problem is solved. I was using Acer Epower management and I un-installed that and am using Windows power management. Seems to be working. If it does it again I'll post.
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