Is it necessary to use graphics card with intel core i5 gigabyte H55M-Usb3

I Want To Buy A New PC.
My Configuration Is
Motherboard :Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3
Processor :Intel Core i5 660
Ram :Transcend 2GB DDR3
Monitor :Samsung 22" P2250
HDD :Samsung 500GB
Now I need to know that, is there necessary to use a graphics card & a power supply. I decide to buy a casing about $35-$40. what type of casing i need. its urgent.
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  1. The i5 660 has it's own built in Intel HD Graphics chip on the CPU package so you won't need a video card.

    What type of case are you looking for?
  2. For Casing My Budget is about $35 to $40
  3. If you want gaming you will need a discrete GPU the built in HD in the CPU is not great but sufficient for internet browsing and office work. You will need a power supply and a ATX mid tower case.
  4. Can you find something like the NZXT GAMMA or COOLER MASTER Elite RC-310 where you're at?
  5. i am from bangladesh. so in here, there is small number of good casing for i5.
    but i nedd a good casing into 3000 taka to 4000 taka. It's $35-$40
  6. If you tell us what you have available there for $35-$40 we can tell you which ones are the good cabinets.
  7. Is that $35-$40 casing budget also include the cost of a power supply?
  8. yes, in our country the power supply is given with the case.
    Delux, space is mostly use in our country.
    please i need help. i am in very confusion about that.
  9. Can you give us a list of cases or a website online/store you can use to shope for cases?
  10. CSM 2033 ATX Casing
    CSM 902 ATX Casing
    CSM 903 ATX Casing
    CSM 905 ATX Casing
    CSM 907 ATX Casing
    CSM 908 ATX Casing
    CSM 2002 ATX Casing
    CSM 2038 ATX Casing
    Delux MT 383 ATX Casing
    Delux MT 810 ATX Casing
    Delux MT 829 ATX Casing
    Delux MT 439 ATX Casing
    Delux MT 801 ATX Casing
    Delux MF 432 ATX Casing
    Delux MF 439 ATX Casing
    Delux MF 488 ATX Casing
    Delux MG 432 ATX Casing
    Delux MG 466 ATX Casing
    Golden Field 2859 ATX Casing
    Golden Field 2879 ATX Casing
    Golden Field 1201 ATX Casing
    Golden Field 1285 ATX Casing
    Golden Field 2806 ATX Casing
    Maxin 1072 ATX Casing
    Maxin 7321 ATX Casing
    Maxin 7308 ATX Casing
    Maxin 7313 ATX Casing
    Maxin 7316 ATX Casing
    Maxin 7310 ATX Casing
    Maxin 2128 ATX Casing
    Maxin 7002 ATX Casing
    Maxin 7301 ATX Casing
    Maxin 7326 ATX Casing
    Maxin 7328 ATX Casing
    Space 2101 ATX Casing
    Space 826 ATX Casing
    Space 806 ATX Casing
    Suntech 1988 ATX Casing
    Suntech 7006 ATX Casing
    Suntech 7002 ATX Casing
    Suntech 1988 ATX Casing
    Vision 3704 ATX Casing
    Vision 3702 ATX Casing
    Vision 8530 ATX Casing
  11. i really need a good casing for core i5. can any one help me please
  12. Could not dig out any info corresponding to your provided list.. Just get to the store and pick up the one which suits your liking (along with the PSU of course).. The dealer should be able to help you better with the selection as he'd have sold such configs to many others (hopefully.!!)
  13. I think you're better off getting a low budget gpu than using the built in graphics to be honest
  14. There is some another question.
    Is this enough to play farcry2, gta-IV,modern warefair-2 type of game without gpu & power supply ?
    i will buy a gpu after 4 or 5 month. Bcoz after buy this pc i my ammount is low down.
    after 4 of 5 months i am going to buy gforce gtx 260 or ati radeon 5770.
  15. For FC2 GTA4 MW2 not even close. :P I mean you can try, I got an average of 30 fps on CSS and 5-10 fps on TF2 with the GMA 4500, the graphics in the i5 660 is supposed to be a little better than that. But it's easy to say, it is probably unlikely it will be able to run FC2, GTA 4, or MW2 w/o, you may be able to run it, but not with much sucess. If I were you i'd save $75+ and get a i3 530 instead. It may not preform as great as the i5 660, but you could OC it, it also has a great CPU for budget, as said in a Tom's Hardware Review. However, in your situation i'd rather buy a AMD setup because at your pricing you could get an Athlon II X3 or X4 for cheaper.

    Anyways. Back to intel, if you get the i3 i was talking about. You could OC then the money you save almost 80$ you could get your 260GTX or 5770 sooner. By the way, since your on budget, you might as well just get the 5770 that way you'd futureproof for a while. DX11, and it runs, in many higher performance cases, WAY BETTER THAN THE 260 that review proves that. Anyway, just consider the i3 530, You'd save alot, or consider AMD the Athlon II X3 435 at 2.9 is only 75$ which is nearly 40$ cheaper than the i3,,2666-7.html in this review it shows the graphical performance of the i3 and 445, which is still only clocked a little higher stock, and you can see that they perform almost the same in the game you wanna play. That's also a list of CPU's you can go with under 150$ all of which i think are better deals than the i5 660 you want. Anywho just saying total if you went with my suggestions you could get the seperate GPU much cheaper, save more. And if you go with the Athlon II X3 435 you could practically get the the 5770 with the money you saved.
  16. greg, do you realize that he was already considering the 5770....
  17. razychowdhury said:
    Is this enough to play farcry2, gta-IV,modern warefair-2 type of game without gpu & power supply ?
    You should have told us straight away that you're interested in a gaming PC.
    -> The Intel HD Graphics IGP that comes with the i5 660 is not powerful enough to run games like Farcry2, CoD:MW2 or GTA-IV.
    It does OK with 2D games and other PC applications like movies, email, web browings and office tasks, but not 3D gaming.

    A power supply is always necessary to get the new PC run. For a gaming PC you need one powerful enough for the gaming video card.
    For a GTX 260, a HD 4850 or HD 5770 video card you need a very good 400W PSU or an average 500W PSU. The PSU you get with a case like you have listed above is probably going to be a less th an average PSU.
    When you look for your case get a PSU that's powerful enough to run a future video card like a HD 5770.

    * Because you want a gaming PC and you're on a tight budget I really think you should look at an AMD CPUs and motherboards. Going this way should get you into your good video card sooner.
    -> Look for an AMD Athlon II X3 435 Rana or AMD Athlon II X2 245 Regor CPU.
    -> AMD 785G motherboard. It has integrated HD 4200 graphics - not powerful enough for 3D gaming but will do everything else. Some examples:
    BIOSTAR A785G3 - BIOSTAR TA785GE 128M - ASRock A785GMH/128M ASRock A785GXH/128M - ASUS M4A785-M - MSI 785GTM-E45 -
    or AMD 770 motherboard. They have NO integrated graphics so you must also get a graphics card. Examples:
    ASUS M4A77D - ASRock M3A770DE - ASRock 770 EXTREME3 -
  18. you r genius man,
    Tes i need a gamming pc. but at first i want to buy a intel processor & gigabyte motherboard. After some time i will buy ati radeon 5770 with power supply.
    would u help me that i5 660 & i5 650 & i5 661 has any differences.
    there is no integrated graphich in i5 750 @ i5 750s
  19. razychowdhury said:
    you r genius man,
    Tes i need a gamming pc. but at first i want to buy a intel processor & gigabyte motherboard. After some time i will buy ati radeon 5770 with power supply.
    would u help me that i5 660 & i5 650 & i5 661 has any differences.
    there is no integrated graphich in i5 750 @ i5 750s

    Any specific reasons for you being stuck with the 'Intel only' thought.! You'll be better served taking the AMD route..
  20. ok, my budget is about $650, can anyone help me get a better gaming pc, please
  21. i have a pci-express Ati Radion XFX-4650 HD . but that is ddr2. i want to use it in core i5. is that any problem to use that in my ney pc.
    please i want explanation. can any one give me that
  22. razychowdhury said:
    i have a pci-express Ati Radion XFX-4650 HD . but that is ddr2. i want to use it in core i5. is that any problem to use that in my ney pc.
    Not a problem. It will work fine in any new PC. DDR2 video RAM is no conflict with DDR3 system RAM.
    Since you already have a video card you don't need to pay extra for a Core i5 6xx CPU that has a built in video chip. Go with the i3 530 dual core or i5 750 quad core.
  23. Thats great. i gor for i5 750.
  24. i can understand now.
    i am going to buy
    Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3
    Intel Core i5 750
    Is it cool???
    if i use casing's power supply there is any problem?
  25. Make an attempt to get a quality PSU. Something that matches the quality of your other parts or at least a mid-range PSU.
    Some Coolermaster PSUs are OK, some are very bad. Corsairs are great but expensive. You might be able to find a good price on a Antec, FSP or OCZ 400W ~ 450W that has enough power for a HD 5770 and not en-danger your high end CPU and motherboard.
  26. If you buy a power supply, dipankar and WR2 are right for those choices. For your case, there's actually a review on the best 500watt PSU tom did a few weeks back.,2658-2.html

    But man some are not close to your budget, the CM Silent Pro M500 is your best bet :P But even newegg doesn't sell it anymore, they do sell the 600watt and higher vers. But, you could also try corsair PSUs 450watt or 500watts...
  27. I buy this pc today, The configuration is
    Motherboard : Gigabyte P55-USB3
    Processor :Intel COre i5 750
    Graphics Card : Ati Radeon XFX-4650-HD
    Ram :Transcend 2 GB DDR3 (1333)
    HDD : Samsung 500 GB
    Monitor : Samsung 22'' P2250
    Casing : normal case . take about $28. include power supply
    DVD R/RW : Samsung
    i want to know, what i have to buy for my pc. i can able to buy them after 2 or three month.

    help me . i want the fixed suggetion please.
  28. Yea :P In that case the 9800gt is better, but I don't think his budget allows for it.
  29. is gigabyte GA-P55-USB3 onboard sound system is better from creative audigy value sound card???
    can i use two gpu on my mobo at a time?
  30. P55-USB3 has a good onboard 7.1 High Definition Audio system. And you can always add a sound card later.
    CrossfireX is supported so you can use 2 ATI video cards in Crossfire. Or 2 Nvidia cards in single gpu mode for multi-monitor support.
  31. IF you were to Crossfire, i'd recommend looking at this article,,2676.html
  32. i just want to know that the mobo sound isbetter froma sound card
  33. It will not make a difference in adding sound card on that board i think and you don't need it.
    Am from bangladesh too. I think if you are willing to buy something more you can buy another 4650 for crossefire costs 5000 tk ( 75 dollar) or buying a 1gb 4670 instead. Its ddr3 and costs 7000 tk( 100 dollar). Or you can consider getting a 512mb GDDR5 240 gt for about 8000 tk(about 115 dollar). Both 4670 and 240 gt need's less power. So psu would not be a trouble. But if the psu is not atleast 400 watt try getting one.
    And guys AMD processor is not available in our country. But you can import them and u will need the motherboard imported too.
  34. Newegg don't ship to bangladesh. Neither ebay or amazon
  35. Dude almost everything is overpriced in our country. Price i listed is only local and applicable on our country.
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