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Raid 0 with 1tb and 250GB. PLEASE HELP!!!

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June 16, 2012 7:44:24 PM

Im so sick of BSOD!! I have just set this system back up after 6 months of it not usable...story time i guess...

was raid 0 config previously - straight from dell to my home-

(2) 250gb sata hard drives (dont know what the difference between ssd and sd is)
nvidia 9800 gtx vid card
now has 8gb ddr2 ram
brand new win 7 OS
want to play diablo and css(counter strike source) but BSOD keeps happening
proc - Intel(r) Core(TM)2 Quad PCU Q6600 @ 2.40Ghz
Brand new power supply just put in Silent Pro M850/M1000

Yes im new to this comp nonsense but built my first working pc at 12 from spare parts of my brothers computers with a fresh bought 98OS from my parents so ive learned some stuff over the years and i am now 23. Little bit here and there but as long as you walk me through what you think would be best i can easily do it. I know where everything is located and what the hardware looks like i jsut need to know software issues and what has to be done.

Reset OS hasn't been tried yet since i've been trying to figure out how to set my system into a raid array but dont know what that actually means other than the hd's work as 1 or one for files one for storage or one for play one for back up so on and such forth. What i want is to use both hard drives but the system hasn't recognized the 250GB since i formatted my 1tb and installed the OS on it. I would love to get them into the raid 0 they previously were to optimize gaming and such unless what ive read- due to the size difference the 1tb would just be slowed due to the 250 which in case i just want them both working so i can have more space or faster performance w/e it is....just both working lol.

Things ive done to clear some space.(which isnt much..)
Restarted, memory check tool(everything checked out)
i know my graph card has been over heating so i now have case open and fan constantly blowing to keep it cooled, and i havn't had a problem yet. Yes ive come to terms my vc might just be going bad and it is an old graph card but id like to keep it awhile longer since she has done well up to this point.

I know setting up raid might make me restart my comp from scratch which im ok with as long as it is working at max efficiency.

1. What raid is best for gaming and how do i set it up
2. what else could be wrong other than vid card overheating.
3. I have downloaded all my drivers using (driver scanner), (driver checker), (device doctor pro- free version), havent downloaded any virus scanners since i dont know which ones are best and free cause im not paying a ridiculous amount for something i can find asking for help from other comp users.
4. I love computers i just need some help with it being explained and how to do it.

-Thank you all for help, i truly appreciate it.

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June 16, 2012 8:11:58 PM

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a c 590 G Storage
June 16, 2012 8:12:58 PM

Drives in a RAID array should be identical for maximum performance.

The total capacity of a RAID-0 array is based upon the drive with the smallest capacity.
So if you RAID-0 a 250GB drive and a 1TB drive the total capacity of your array will be 500GB (250 x 2). That is a waste of 750GB of storage.

The Read/Write performance of a RAID-0 array is based upon the drive with the slowest Read/Write speeds.

It’s best to just install your O/S on the 250GB drive and use the 1TB drive as storage and backup.

1.) Clear the CMOS of your motherboard. Your motherboard manual should have instructions on how to do this.
2.) Connect only your 250GB HDD
3.) Install Windows. Install Windows on your previous partition. Windows will delete it and install fresh.
4.) After installation is complete you can then shut down and connect your remaining drives.