Power interruption-missing HTLDR-NOW wants Password

I recently had a sudden power interruption that I at first thought totally wiped my HD's. After much time and restoring the NTLDR missing error2 (among others) I was able to get the boot process to start. However, it gets to "Enter Password"....I have never had a password on this computer :o as I am the only one here at home and nothing is important enough on it to anyone but me that I would be worried about a password to start Windows! I was able to view the HD's thru DOS mode which looked very different than the actual sizes of the installed HD's. At any point. This is an older computer that was purchased from a private party a few years ago with a smaller drive C: (40 GB) and I installed 2 additional..one a 500 GG and one 250. The boot drive is the original C drive that was in it when purchased. I formated it and installed Win XP Pro, added two additional drives and have happily filled them and no significant problems. Have Kaspersky Pure, Registry Pro and TuneUp 2010 and use them all faithfully. Could this computer possibly be password protected from the original owner that my format and reinstall of WinXP didn't take care of? Or is this maybe in another area of the operating system/HD/Bios I don't know about. As I said, I have NEVER been asked for a password before. Where is this password request coming from and can I bypass it thru 'SafeMode' or DOS somehow just to get it to boot to Windows so I can salvage my info and safely test the condition of the HD's to see if they were fried by a power surge or something? I hesitate to install system over it again as when looking at DOS MAP it isn't showing the partitions or even the correct size of the HD's installed. I know just enough to be dangerous but also enough not to want to ruin my personal documents and photos etc. I had installed Acronis B/U but didn't test the .iso and --you guessed it--I did not make the file accurately so it is useless. I have a Kaspersky PURE boot disk that gets me to a console with various options but I don't understand what to do once I'm into that program as the disk arrangements look wrong..
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  1. Have you booted up into safe mode by any chance?
  2. blackmancer said:
    Have you booted up into safe mode by any chance?

    Thank you for your reply Blackmancer -to answer your question, Yes I have and a password is wanted there also. At this point I have reconfigured the BIOS every way to Sunday, tried every password I have every used (and a few select works I try not to use in general conversation-let alone as passwords :lol: ) , scoured the internet and made multiple 'boot' disks (now coasters) retrieved the 'missing' NTLDR and then get a different file missing prompt. Basically the MBR is MIA. All the info is still there because I can see the directories/files etc from within a Kaspersky "Rescue" disk shell but I haven't learned to read hieroglyphics yet, so alot of the info does me no good.

    I have learned a lot the last few days..but can't get past this d*$)% password that never existed before. Was thinking virus, but Kaspersky, Glary & TuneUp all come back clean so??? I believe the abrupt shut down from the power surge corrupted the MBR and that's that. I have now torn down the system and unplugged the 2nd HD & am going to power it up and see if it will do something different..doubt it but have had stranger things happen. I love these "wonderful" machines but sometimes ..... I'm sure you understand.

    If it still won't work I am going to have to just learn the hard lesson and see if I can at least re-install Windows. Been thinking about Ubutu....may just give that a try -- :lol: May as well REALLY confuse the mess.

    Think I'll go spend a few hours on the Kaspersky site and see what I can glean from that first.

    Thanks again for responding.
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