Confused about ati and physx

hi guys,
im confused about this entgire physx thing..
does ati have this built into their cards?

according to ati, it is built it to their cards and supported via catalyst..
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  1. No- PhysX is an Nvidia proprietary thing. ATI cards support some Physics stuff (note the spelling difference). PhysX is only available on Nvidia GPU's.
  2. PhysX is the name of nVidia's GPU-accelerated Physics. ATI has its own physics engine (Havok?) or something, but I don't know about it too much.
  3. ATI doesn't actually have its own Physics engine, but they are working with Havok and using their engine. ATI generally doesn't do the proprietary things the way that Nvidia does with things like Cuda and PhysX- ATI generally uses the open standards, or works with another company instead.
  4. do you guys think it worthit to get 2 it 4 gig cards?

    switch of topic on you, sorry, figured id ask. im running eyefinity for any game that I can the only problem seems to be that when i crank up the details..particularly aa to 4+ the fps drop to single digits and its not playable..seems that the memory on the card simply isnt enough to handle all 3 lcd's AND max details..

    is there an eta on the xfx 4 gig cards 5970's? worthit for the extra ram?
  5. Well, you already have 2 5970s, would you sell them and get the 4gb versions? It might be worth it if it doesn't cost you TOO much, but its really hard to say until we actually see performance results and testing for the newer cards. I also have no idea when they might come around.
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