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It appears that my processor is finally dying a painful death. I currently have an E6850 (3.0 ghz) from about 2-3 years ago that appears to be kicking the bucket. The list of issues is as follows.

I have been plagued with random reboots while playing games such as DAOC or AOC. This occurred on an ASUS P5k delux mobo with 4 gb of Patriot memory and 750 watt power supply running windows XP.

I thought I had narrowed it down to a USB issue with my HP printer as the issue seemed to coincide with the printer being powered on and connected via USB. Well thinking it was a power issue I swapped out the PSU for a 1k watt unit from Corsair.

The problem still existed. I then took out the USB of the printer and connected it via Ethernet. (HP 7680 printer has an ethernet port as well). This seemed to reduce the number of restarts I had however they were not entirely fixed.

Next I swapped out the MOBO for a Gigabyte UD3P thinking it may be a USB bus issue on the MOBO. Still had the same problem and still running XP.

I changed my keyboard and mouse as well to help eliminate those as possibilities.

It was during this time that I swapped for a 260GTX nvidia vid card as well.

Recently I swapped out the ram for Mushkin ram and 8GB worth. During this process I performed an erase and install of Windows 7 and installed 2 Kingston Vnow series SSD in RAID 0 for the boot volume. I also took out my 2 500GB caviar blacks and replaced them with 2 2TB caviar greens for data storage. I left one other 500 GB caviar black installed for my game directory.

I still am getting restarts randomly when playing games and now it has worsened to when I am browsing the internet all USB power turns off.

Recently, when attempting to wake from sleep, the computer just froze. I restarted and went immediately into bios where I got a red warning stating the computer failed to start due to overclocking. I was runningn 3.6 GHZ at 400mhz at default voltages. I changed the bios to optimum defaults and restarted. The restarts continue still but now I get a BSOD. The report stated to remove any newly installed hardware if the issue continued.

Well the only part that has not been replaced is my C2D E6850. I have seen the charts and it seems like the Q9650 is what is "recommended."

What I am looking for is a decent replacement for the E6850 that wont break the bank and is still a decent upgrade. I don't plan on a full rebuild as I just bought the memory and vid card in Feb of this year and would hate to throw that money away.

Please suggest a decent processor for socket 775. I do not plan on doing a major overclock as I only have a Corsair H50 cooler.
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  1. Sounds like you've done everything you can to narrow it down to the CPU. The Q9650 is about the best you can do for socket 775.
    The price of the Q9650 is actually quite high... what prices are you seeing in your area?
  2. Been seing $350 for the Q9650 and the Q9550s is about that same price. $278 for the Q9550.
    *i usually buy from newegg as no microcenter in my area.

    Another option would be a socket 1156 I7 processor/mobo combo that still uses DDR2 but was hoping to get more mileage from the mobo that is less than a year old.
  3. You were reading my mind - except there are no DDR2 1156 boards.
    Here are some benchmarks that show the performance comparison between Q9650 and i5 750

    For that $350 Q9650 you could get a $195 i5-750 and a very nice 1156 motherboard like the $120 GIGABYTE GA-P55-USB3
    Hopefully you'll be able to see the UD3P MB and DDR2 to offset the cost of new DDR3 RAM.
  4. You could always sell your old bits on eBay to recoup some of the cost of upgrading to an i5?

    People still want them, infact I just sold a Core 2 Duo E6300 for $35! And a mid range 775 Motherboard for $50 on eBay.
  5. And then of course another reformat of the SSD's due to mobo and connector changes.. It is an option though.
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    Another option is to go with one of Wolfdale dual core CPUs like the E8500 3.16Ghz.
    You're not surrendering too much performance to the Q9650 in many applications. Q9650 vs E8500 benchmarks
  7. That seems like the best option there. It allows me to keep going with my current set up and then plan for the 1366 6 core upgrade early next year!!! Thank you guys for the help.
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