My 9800gt nvidia bfg

Its getting really hot, its the card with the little cover over it, could anyone tell me which cooling system would be the best for it under 100 bucks. it would help alot. its hitting abot 65c at full. and idle at 55c.
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  1. 65C is not very hot, and is actually very good for a GPU. If thats the max temp you are seeing, don't waste money on an aftermarket cooler that won't make a difference.
  2. Those are awesome temps, with the same card, I idle at 75ºc, load at 85-90
    Don't worry!
  3. Agreed, my HD4650 hits 75c which is perfectly fine.
  4. oh snap, lol, i thought that was bad. sweet :D
  5. nope- its DARN good:-)
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