Are these temps safe?

hi here's my setup:

intel i5-750 processors on stock fan
Asus radeon HD 5770 crossfire
4GB ram
600w OCZ stealthXstream

everything's new(a month old)

here are the temps:

I'm running them at those temps for about 3hrs every gaming session, are they safe from overheating?
these temps/data are from running resident evil 5's in game benchmark

*edit: this is the right section for this right? >____<
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  1. The CPU might be fine. The temps aren't really extreme, but if the loads are right, it's not working very hard. You really need to get temps at full load. Download Prime95 and run it for about an hour to get better temps.

    The GPU temps should be fine, but if you want to overclock the cards, you should consider adding a case fan, especially if you have room for one on the side.
  2. ^ I think you misinterpreted the info there, the CPU 8% is the current load, not the load when it reached peak temps of about 62 :) I have no idea what it's loads are at the peak...

    I have a 120mm fan up front of the case blowing air directed to the gpu, the gpu temps are as follows(idle temps):
    43 and 47 degrees C, and 43 C for the CPU

    consider that the ambient temp here in the tropical zone is 36 *C peak temp and about 26*C low.. the test was conducted with about 33-35*C ambient temp :) yeah I know, It's HOT here lol

    *edit: any other more (subtle?) cpu/gpu testing software that you know of? furmark forces my gpu to overheat and restart the pc :pt1cable:
  3. I was just checking that you actually stessed the CPU during that point. I'd still run Prime95, as that will put the CPU at 100% load just to be safe.
  4. furmark srashing the card? theres a problem right there!
  5. ^ yea when I run furmark the temps rises unbelievably fast until it goes above 95*C and then it restarts at about 105*C , It's not just me that's having that issue :\
  6. I ran prime95 for 5 mins. and I got peaks of 81*C, I stopped it because I was afraid It would fry the thing, should I really run it for an hour? I mean, is it safe to make it run under that amount of heat(or possibly even higher) for an hour?
  7. That's certainly high. I'd definitely look into an aftermarket cooler. The url=]Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus is an excellent one.
  8. I'm not sure that would fit inside the case, know of any good low profile cooler?
    or maybe my cpu needs a fresh layering of thermal paste? *edit: arctic silver 5 looks good *__*
  9. I agree, those are too high. Go for an aftermarket cooler. If you have space issues, this here's a good list for you:

    Not to mention they'll probably be useful for all your heat issues, which sound kinda numerous considering the ambient heat. ;)
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