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my name is shijas. i've asus p5vdc-mx v.2.0 bord. i inserted a 2 gb ddr2 ram in port. but it shows only 1 gb. then i inserted 1gb ddr2 ram in slot.again it shows only 512mb. i repeated the same in two slots but the result is same. moreover i'm not able to instal xp also. its hung in between. my board supports both ddr1 and ddr2. while i inserting ddr1 1gb ram in ddr1 slot.it shows 1gb memmory and i can instal xp also. but when is insert ddr 2 ram in ddr2 slots its not possible and shows only half memory which i actually inserted.
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  1. I never knew that XP installation gave errors while installing due to low RAM.

    Tell us the RAM specs please.

    Check if your RAM is on this list or not:
  2. On boards that can use DDR1 or DDR2, you must use one type of memory or the other. You cannot use both types at the same time.
    Your board may only support up to 1gb modules. When that board was made, 2gb modules of memory were not common, and were expensive.
  3. while using DDR1 there is no issues..but while inserting DDR2 after removing ddr1 memmory shows only half of actual..that is 512 instead of 1GB..1GB instead of 2GB..i think there is some prob with mother board..Right??
  4. same problem here, on ASUS a8x sli delux.
    when 2 x 1024 modules installed, bios shows only half, when 1 module in installed 1x1024 mbo shows only 512. Modules are 400mhz, both 16x64 chips, dual sided.

    BUT! when i install 256mb 400 mhz mbo shows right numbers...WTF?

    new bios has been flashed same ***. i've tried with 3 modules all of them are dual sided and all dual sided...bios for all of them shows only half of RAM...

    dunno where is the problem
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