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Alrighty so i bought my gtx 260 on 3/10/10 and i have roughly 3 months to trade it up to 1 of the 200 series cards. BFG will give me what i paid for it ($209) after they inspect it and verify it works so they offer a 275/280/285-1gb/285-2gb/ and a 295. Now im not getting the 295 since the price is to much and the 275 is crap so im looking at the 280/285/285 to upgrade to. 280-$299 285-1gb-$339 285-2gb-$399. Ok so I have to pay tax, shipping, and the difference of my card vs the prices leaning towards the 285-339 but if im going to spend the extra 139 should i go for the 399 and double my RAM? But if im going to spend another 200 should i go ahead and sell my gtx 260 for roughly what i paid add the other 200 and get something better or does that $100 more for a 280 look like the best choice? Im going to post this thread now and see what kind of feedback i get. Normaly i would post my system stuff but im in a rush so ill be back in an hour and a half or so to see what you guys think :D
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    Option1) Sell your GTX260 they are overpriced at the moment and you should be able to get close to what you paid for it and grab an HD5850/70.
    Option 2) Trade in your GTX260 when the GTX470/80 is out next week and becomes an option with BFG. If your PSU can handle it
  2. I second waiting for the 470, or ebay for an ati. It seems you are pretty intent on staying with BFG, if so, you really can't go wrong with the 470. It, like the 5850, seems to be the better performance when compared against the price.
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