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I have a decent 17" monitor that uses 1440x900 as its max, its a good screen and perfect for my desk, so that is really my main thing. A lot of the topics i have found for this resolution are from 2 years ago and not really that useful. 2010 is here and there are some high end games are coming that I want to play. Example AC2, APB, Civ5, Crysis etc.

My specs already:

Full ATX Case (Pretty big)
AMD Phenom II Quad Core 2.6GHZ
Nvidia 8800GT 512mb GGDR2
3GB DDR2 (I am upgrading this soon, newer mobo and ram).
Win7 Ultimate

So, My question is what card will be able to play all the modern games on 1440 with no problems on high settings and anti aliases and etc, without of course...breaking the bank. I want to be able to play...say.. Asassins Creed 2 on 4x Anti Alias o 1440, etc etc, without any problem.

I am open to both NVIDIA and ATI. My budget is....hmm I'll say 170, but that can fluctuate depending on the card...and tax.
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  1. the ATI 5770, otherwise any other card under that performance wont be worth the upgrade in terms of GPU horsepower
  2. I agree get the ATI 5770 is you upgrade. However, your resolution will work with games. 17" is pretty small though. Not too enjoyable for games.
  3. HD 5750. HD 5770 would be better for higher resolutions like 1680x1050. Even HD 5670 will be nuff for your res.
  4. okini55 said:
    HD 5750. HD 5770 would be better for higher resolutions like 1680x1050. Even HD 5670 will be nuff for your res.

    the 8800GT outperforms the 5670 and the 5750 i snot enough of an upgrade

    I own both a factory OC GTS250 1GB and a stock 9800GT 512mb (re-named 8800GT)

    the GTS 250 is a faster card then the 5750 but its not a major upgrade over the 9800GT.

    I would frankly stick with the 8800GT for another year.
  5. That's what i thought. I was checking to see if there any better options. So...5770 it is then. Anybody know the cheapest place to get it? My local Computer store and Newegg both sell it for 179.99.

    *Edit* I posted before reading ct1615

    Here is the specs for the 250 of the nvidia website:

    GPU Engine Specs:
    CUDA Cores 128
    Graphics Clock (MHz) 738 MHz
    Processor Clock (MHz) 1836 MHz
    Texture Fill Rate (billion/sec) 47.2
    Memory Specs:
    Memory Clock (MHz) 1100
    Standard Memory Config 512MB or 1 GB GDDR3
    Memory Interface Width 256-bit
    Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec) 70.4

    Here are the specs for the 5770 off the website

    * Engine clock speed: 850 MHz
    * Processing power (single precision): 1.36 TeraFLOPS
    * Polygon throughput: 850M polygons/sec
    * Data fetch rate (32-bit): 136 billion fetches/sec
    * Texel fill rate (bilinear filtered): 34 Gigatexels/sec
    * Pixel fill rate: 13.6 Gigapixels/sec
    * Anti-aliased pixel fill rate: 54.4 Gigasamples/sec
    * Memory clock speed: 1.2 GHz
    * Memory data rate: 4.8 Gbps
    * Memory bandwidth: 76.8 GB/sec
    * Maximum board power: 108 Watts
    * Idle board power: 18 Watts

    They are pretty much the same, but the 5770 wins slightly..but not by much but $150 vs $180 makes the gts 250 more favorable. Anyone have a suggestion?
  6. newegg should have ones cheaper then $180
  7. NEwegg has a good selection of cards around $150 - for example this Gigabyte version with a good cooler for $145 after a $10 MIR Or the HIS version for $149
  8. If you haven't, try those games with your current card and see how they perform. If good enough, wait. If not, I'd take the biggest jump you can afford, which probably means a HD5770. If your PSU can handle an 8800GT, it can handle a HD5770 (9.3A vs. 9A). Actually, since your current card only has GDDR2, probably no one would blame you for "jumping the gun" and getting a faster card.
  9. The 5750 is very close to equal with the GTS 250, and the 5770 is a decent bit faster. Not enough for a straight upgrade, but still enough for a bit more, plus its DX11 compatible. Also- that gigabyte for $145 after MIR can actually be $135 after MIR if you sight up for the newegg email newsletter and use promo code EMCYRYT36. Its definitely your best option right now for under $170.
  10. iball8888 said:

    That would be the one - I had a link to it in my post !
  11. Yup... Lol:)
  12. Oh..stupid school computer doesn't show that it was link. Lol, thanks for the help.
  13. Lol- no problem. That happens to all of us :-)
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