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hi,i am putting together a new build to replace my 3.5 yr old pc.i currently have an e6300 1.86 c2d,intel dg965wh mobo,4 gb ram,250 gb sata hdd hitachi,ecs geforce 8800gts 320 mb video card,rosewill media card reader,rosewill 600 watt psu and coolermaster storm scout case,and lg dvd/rw looking to replace the cpu mainly to get better performance for my programs.i thought about a q6600 or q6700 but both are quite expensive used on ebay.i mainly use the pc for web surfing,heavy video encoding and dvd burning,and light gaming.the pc i have now is fine except for gaming where its really bad with spiderman web of shadows and batman arkhyam sylum.i would also want a little faster performance with the video encoding as well.any ideas and suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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  1. i have no current budget just what would be best for current mobo will only support up to q6700.i have windows xp 32 bit installed on far as o/s is concerned it can only take up to vista 64 motherboard cannot overclock at all nor do i like to overclock anyway.if i had to i would be willing to rebuild from scratch.just need a point in the right direction
  2. will the h55 take my 8800 gts video card or would i have to replace it?
  3. im pretty sure its a pci e.
  4. it is pci-e 1.0 8800 gts 320 mb card
  5. For more gaming clout you'll need to upgrade the video card a well, look to getting a SLI capable motherboard and Nvidia card, that way you can use the 8800 for PhysX in the second slot.
  6. i have 24 inch samsung 2494lw 1920 x 1080 monitor also
  7. so everyone is saying the video card definitely has to go.also is there a major difference between the core i3 540 and the athlon x2 260?
  8. yes video encoding is my main concern.what do you recommend for a capable gpu should i just stick with intel?my e6300 has never failed me. i may save it for a smaller build later on.
  9. not as slow as you think
  10. so whats the best cpu to go with for my specs?
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