Files and settings transfer wizard problem? Please help me!

I saved my data onto flash drives. when I saved my data, It used two drives, and said file transfer complete. now that I have a clean install, while trying to replace my data, the wizard is now asking for disk 3. I don't have one. When I cancel out of disk three, the entire operation cancels. How do I get my data back???
Windows XP SP3
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  1. Try doing it in Safe Mode by tapping F8 at startup then go from Start to Run and into the Open box, type migwiz and hit Enter. That will start the Wizard which may behave better than it did in normal mode. How much space was left on the second flash drive after you stored the old files?

    You show having SP3 installed on the new installation - was it present on the old? A disparity on SP levels is the quickest way to upset the migration process.
  2. I tried safe mode, but got the same results. I was running SP3 prior to the re-installation. I thought it was odd that I needed 2 flash drives, since the first was a 16gig.
    Flash drive 1 has 3.99 gig used, and 10.99 free, and flash drive 2 has 1.63 gig used, and 5.75 gig free. So now the plot thickens. Did the wizard mess up my original data?
  3. Did the wizard mess up my original data?

    Sounds likely, I'm afraid. I gave up using it years ago because of the failure rate and now manually extract everything to a safe place until the new installation is in place. It could be worth trying it in another system but create an account in the name of the old system's account first. You did do that in the new system, I hope. As far as I know, the Migwiz is the only utility which can read data it stored but I'll try to find out more a little later.
  4. I did have the account named the same, the only difference is not having a sub account name on there. It never makes sub accounts, anyway, so I didn't think that would matter. I tried it, and it didn't help.
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