HD5870 VAPOR-X GSOD RMA? WAIT? and my take on the vapor-x edition

So I purchased the Saphire HD5870 Vapor-X about a week ago. But So far, I've gotten 2 GSOD(with white stripes) while playing BFBC2. The first time, the computer got locked up completely. The second time, it went into GSOD for about 2-3 seconds and went right back into the middle of game. Needless to say, after spending almost $500 on the GPU, I am not really happy. I see alot of opinions about this. Many people speculate that this is a driver issue and that will be fixed... Some also returned the card. But does that mean ALL hd5870 are susceptible to this? or is it just the vapor-x edition due to it's slightly higher clock? I just want to know what people on this forum did or would recommend doing regarding this issue. Should I just RMA? If so get another edition? or refund(is there a way to get a full refund from newegg? those restocking fee is quite expensive if you buy something that costs this much) do you think this specific unit is defect?

Secondly, it's my review of the vapor-x edition. I do not think that it is worth the extra dollars. If you have a decent airflow in your case, the regular 5870 edition will do almost as fine as the vapor-x edition. My 5870 lingers around 33degrees C @ idle and ~50-55 while playing BFBC2 maxed out at 1920x1200. Fans spinning at 40% and I can't really hear it because it's getting drowned by other case fans. But from what I've seen from other systems (from my friends) the regular editions are not that far off from the cooling/noise performance compare to the vapor-x edition. Saphire exaggerates their performance more than I found it to be in real life. So If I were to do it all over again, I'd just save extra $50 and buy HD5870. Just my 2 cents for those who are in the market for a new GPU. Gotta help others if I want some feedback myself right? :p

Thanks guys
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  1. Start a chat with Newegg return department on the website. They probably will waive the 15% restocking fee. I bought the Gigabyte 5870 which is on sale today for $399..
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    First off, what version of the drivers are you using? Also- did you upgrade to the 5870 or did you have a fresh windows install? It was a driver issue that was mostly fixed in the latest couple of driver releases, and most of those who are still getting them with the newest drivers might actually need an RMA. If you are using Catalyst 10.3 and still getting GSOD, then maybe an RMA is worth it, but if you are using an earlier release, you want to uninstall and install the latest to see if that makes a difference.
    I also would have told you its generally not worth the extra money for the factory overclocked versions of the cards if you'd asked. I've advised many against spending more for a factory overclock that you can do yourself without spending the extra $$
  3. Thank you for both for getting back to me so quickly.

    bighairyman, i will definitely try that iwth a return department and see what I can do if I decide to return it.

    flyinfinnin, I am using 10.3 version right now. However, I did upgrade from the GTX285. I tried to clean install the card by removing the driver in safemode first and then installing the latest driver. I believe this was the best I could do for the clean driver install as some people experienced driver sweeper programs trashing their o.s.

    I guess i'm leaning towards RMA'ing it for now.
  4. Yes- thats the best way to remove the drivers, but you can also get a program like Driversweeper (can be downloaded from: ) and run that in safe mode to make sure you've got it all the way clean. At the same time, seems like you did a good job. It might be worth one more try, with running driversweeper in safe mode just to make sure there isn't some residual nvidia stuff borking you. One more try and then on to RMA would be my route.
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  6. so i got the XFX reference card and it's been 3 days. no issues what so ever. happy as a clam.
  7. Good choice...can't go wrong with a lifetime warranty
  8. The reference cards are excellent. At 850/1250 (5000 effective), 1.125V my Sapphire reference stays under 83C in OCCT and passes the OCCT Error Test.
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