Good Download Speed, Slow Upload Speed

Currently I am with Charter Communications and my upload speed has been slow lately.

I am paying for 10 Mb/s Download and 2 Mb/s Upload

Speakeasy Speed Test is showing 16793 Kb/s Download, which is fantastic! Speakeasy Speed Test also shows me my upload is only 261 Kb/s which is not so good considering the primary thing I do is game. My ping is off the charts and makes gaming impossible.

If anyone can help me that would be appreciated, if you need anymore information I'll do my best to give it to you.
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  1. 1-888-GETCHARTER
  2. I have already done that and the tech support has been less then helpful just repeating over and over again that signals from our end our fine it must be your computer, which it isn't because it across many computers that this problem exists.
  3. BTW I have bypassed my router, reset my modem, checked on various computer with various OS, I have to talked with many charter representatives on the phone and online and they have been less then helpful blaming my computer to be at fault or finding any excuse possible that makes them not the problem.
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