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I just thought this is a good topic 2 discuss...

what would the ATX's advantages be over a micro? [:grahamlv:3]
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  1. OK, i forgot 2 add this...

    the same components on a micro and atx...wat is the diference?
  2. Micro is just a smaller board for those with less space. Every part works the same way, ATX just has more room to fit all of its functionality on. Everyone can't have a mid tower or bigger to be able to fit the ATX board or maybe they just want something smaller.
  3. the mATX advantage is price. If you run a simple set up, one DVD drive, one HDD, one single slot video card, two sticks of RAM, the mATX is fine.

    one you start adding wi-fi cards, sounds cards, dual slot video cards, multi-drives,etc., space becomes very cramped, very fast on the mATX.
  4. so, basically, your saying that the mATX has the potential as the ATX, but is let down by its expansion? But ive seen mATX mobos that have 2+ PCI E slots... like the Alienware Aurora...?
  5. Benefits of mATX mobos:

    1. Generally cheaper than full ATX mobos.
    2. Can be installed in smaller case to fit tighter space.
    3. Nearly all comes with integrate video.

    Cons with mATX mobos:

    1. Generally speaking, fewer expansions options with PCI / PCI-e ports.
    2. Most likely to have fewer RAM slots.
    3. Fewer SATA connections (generally)
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