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I recently purchased a full version (in the box) Windows XP professional 2002 version. I have to use XP for the cakewalk software I'm using in my studio. I decided to build my own PC 2 weeks ago. Made the mistake of asking salespeople for advice, and went down the road of returning parts that were not made for my build or either not compitable. I started with the Gigabyte 880Gm-ud2h, an AMD3 motherboard. I heard AMD is good for video rendering. The 880 had 4 slot memory with up to 16GBs max which I thought would be good for my multi-tracks of sound waves. It had a built in Radeon 4200 which I believe would be ok for me considering this PC is not for gaming. It also came with an optical output so I could link it to my digital recorder. It also said it was XP compatible. I chose an AMD Athlon2 X3 PCU (this is field where I was not sure what to choose and was asking the sales guy for help). He then selected a 1TB Samsung HD103sj HDD for me after telling him I want alot of storage for my song files. He told me that a high speed CD/DVD would be good too and selected a Lite-On 24x Optical Drive Unit for me. He then suggested the kingston 2GB Dual memory (4GB total) 1600MHz, and an Altec 350watt Power source that he said was very quiet. All this with the case ran about $400 which I thought was wonderful for my budget. First thing wrong was the power supply cables were not long enought to reach the plugs on the mother and I had to buy the Altec 500w ($20 more). So now I fire this bad boy up and inserted my XP os disc. It started loading the drivers and went into a blue screen that said "if this is the first time at this blue screen to reboot". After re-booting my computer went into DOS checking the PCU then the IDE drives, and then proceeded to start an endless loop of this identifying. Then I found out after going to the gigabyte website that the memory was not compatible, so I had to exchange the memory. The people at the store said that the wrong memory was why the DOS was looping. So after the new memory it did the same thing, except when I told it to boot from CD it brought up a blue screen saying ( c000021 unknown hard error \systemroot\system32\ntdll.dll ) So now I'm being told by the store that there is probabaly a bad piece of hardware and that for $70 that would check it out for me. I told them they were crazy if they thought I was going to spend $70 to check a brand new setup they sold me. So I took the computer back for a refund. They took it to IT (free of charge) which it did the same thing to them with the loop. They said that after they unplugged the hard drive it stopped and ask for the os disc, so it was a bad hard drive. After getting a new hard drive and taking my computer back home and starting it up again, it did the same blue screen hard error again. So I took it all back and I'm done listening to them. I'm thinking some of the hardware was not compatible with Windows XP pro 2002 version. So that's why I here on this forum to see if I can find a good build for me to buy that will work with my software. This is what I hadfor my XP build:

Gigabyte880gm-ud2h; AMD Athlon2 X3 PCU; 1TB Samsung HD103sj HDD; Lite-On 24x DVD; Corsiar 1333Mhz 4GB (1 stick); Altec 500w Power.
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    Visit your board's support site: Download the Memory Support List and buy a two-stick kit that exactly matches the QVL make and model number. Download the CPU support sheet and confirm that your CPU is on that list.

    After you assemble the parts, but before you load XP, boot to memtest86+ and test your RAM to make sure it runs error-free. You should run memtest86+ on each stick separately just in case one stick is bad. If you get errors, either tweak the BIOS to set the RAM speed, latencies, and voltage to match those printed on the RAM stickers, OR return the RAM for replacement.

    None of this difficult, but sometimes it can be time-consuming. Good luck with your build.
  2. Thank You treefrog07. No one at the store ever mentioned doing the memtest86+. I already check the support site out, that's how I knew the memory they sold was wrong.
  3. You're welcome. The bootable files for memtest86+ are about 1/2-way down the link I posted above. You can use a USB stick, a CD, or even a floppy.
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