CMOS low battery after replacement

My computer gave me a low cmos battery message and when it booted in to the operating system it had the wrong time and date. So I turned it off, unplugged it and replaced the cmos battery. When I booted it up it still said low cmos battery and i changed the time in bios and when i booted into the operating system it still had the wrong date and time. Any Suggestions???
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  1. I too am having the same problem with my intel 845, everytime I switch on the UPS, the system starts automatically and I get a message "CMOS/GPNV checksum bad, date time not set". Please help.
  2. yeah but mine will let me into the operating system but just the time and date are the only things out of place
  3. Buy a new cr2032 battery, take old one out, put new one in,
    /makes meerkat kissy noise.....
  4. Already did it. With two different batteries, with the same results
  5. Damn, Meerkat fail hehe :)
    on a serious note then, try memtesting your sticks, see what that throws up
  6. couple of things:
    (1) Don't buy cmos batterries from Biglots, dollar stores ect. and check the dtd on package. There is a self life for these batteries and occassionally they set on a store self for long periods of time.

    (2) If battery is KNOWN to be good, then most common cause is a MB/bios chip problem that is causing excessive current drain on the CMOS battery - These batteries are for very low current drain applications. Would require a DVM to verify. (a) measure voltage before putting in and (b) measure voltage with it in place (which may be difficault to do).

    As Motopsychojdn indicated, a mem check would be a good idea.
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