New system build plz help

hi, im getting my new pc, i have some of the parts selected but i have a very big question on some parts, especial de MB and VGA.

this are the component that i pick up:

Intel i7 920
Corsair CMPSU-750HX
Corsair Dominator 3x2gb DDR3 1600
WD Caviar Black 1TB

thats the component that im sure off but i have a big big doubt about the MB and VGA my options are:

Asus Rampage II Extreme
Asus Rampage II Gene
Saphire vapor-x HD5870 1gb

well first the vga, i read that the nvidia is alittle faster than ati special with dx11 and tessellation effects but i also know the heat, noise and power consumption, but i read that nvidia cards are that way and with a good ventilated case can resolve the problem, so i dont decide what buy.

and the mb is other ?? for me i dont know what mb to buy i read that rampage ii gene gets little hot, and with gtx480 i think can get hot hot, i realy dont know much info on mb.

So if you ppl can help me, and tellme what is the best i can get for that range of price, or tellme if you recomend another item that i have chose i will realy thanks.

*sry for my english lol
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  1. anyone can help me plz?? i rly need to buy a new pc couse actual its broken

    helpme plz!!
  2. Well if you are not planning for a very high overclock - say less than 4GHz, then get any of these mobos -
    ASUS P6X58D-E

    And as for the CPU, the i7 930 would have been better...

    And as for the graphics card, if you will go with more than 1 graphics card, then get the HD 5870...
    And also the 750W might be too close for 2 GTX 480s if you plan to add 1 more later on...
    And I dont think there is much performance difference in games between the GTX 480 and the HD 5870...Dont go by the benchmarking tools, rather see the game performance...
  3. ty for the mobos info i will pick the asus p6x85d-e.

    but for the graphics card i dont decide it yet couse the price diference between gtx480 and saphire vapor-x 5870 its not much so i dont know yet.

    any ideas for the graphic card?
  4. ^ Well even though the price is not much, but the temps and the power consumption of the GTX 480 are far greater and I dont think it warrants that slight performance increase...
    And also what case do you have ?
    Check out these cards - Far cheaper than the Vapour-X and the Gigabyte one offers nearly as good cooling...And also you should know that with the CCC, you could easily run these at 900MHz compared to the 850MHz without any voltage increase...
  5. Get the 5870. Great performance, and WAY less heat.
  6. for the case i have between haf 222 and element g
    or i would spend a little more and go for haf 232?
  7. Well I dont see how much advantage the HAF 932 brings in compared to the HAF 922...For me its is arguably the best mid tower for its price...It can even accommodate the HD 5970 without any issues or mods...
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