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I have a really quick question, I have an Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro and a Q9550. The thermal compound is AS5. I am using CPUID Hardware Monitor Pro to check my temps.

My Idle Temps:
Core 1: 44-46C
Core 2: 39-42C
Core 3: 44C (possibly stuck...)
Core 4: 43-45C

When running Prime95 for a couple minutes, I get these...

My Max Load Temps:
Core 1: 65C
Core 2: 58C
Core 3: 57C
Core 4: 60C

I want to know if these temps are safe, i am willing to invest a little cash into a HSF if absolutly required,
(btw, CPUID shows core temps and CPU temp. what should i be paying attention to?)

Thanks for all advice :)
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  1. Thanks for all of your advice, I was just running it for a couple minutes to see what it would spike at if I was running something like crysis for a couple hours. Since my idle temps are a bit high (figured they were....) should I invest a little cash into a higher quality CPU Cooler?
  2. Okay, i will stick with this one, thanks! :) and i was also planning on upgrading my case altogether, I was looking in the lines of a AZZA Solano 1000R
  3. I've used both Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro and Cooler Master Hyper 212+ with my OC'd q9400 w/ P95 stress testing. I find the Cooler Master keeps the temps lower at both idle and full load.
  4. The ACF7P was a pretty good budget cooler when it first came out years ago. And it's still not bad ("not bad" defined as "better than stock") if one of the larger coolers will not fit in your case.

    ct1615 said:
    your load temps are fine for Prime95, frankly i never liked it because the CPU temps in Prime95 are higher then you would see in most real world scenarios.

    That's one of the purposes of P95, to load the CPU cores to 100% and drive the temps to their maximum values. You pretty much know that any program will not load the CPU more.
  5. For the OP. if you don't plan to overclock, something else to consider is to "undervolt" your CPU. There's a good chance your CPU can lower than its factory-set VID and that will help slightly to keep the temps lower.
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