Splitting Bandwith

HI, i'm wondering if there is a way to slit internet bandwidth EVENLY between 2 computers.

I have 2 Mbs of internet speed connection available. I want to do 1MB for each PC.

I use an ADSL modem, i have the telephone line connected to it. One PC is connected directly to it with an Ethernet cable and the other one it's a laptop connected to it via wireless.

I notice when my wife it's using youtube (in the laptop-wireless) it slows down my internet speed on the other PC while I'm playing games (pc-desktop, connected via Ethernet cable).

It's there a way to split the connection evenly between both? Thank you.
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  1. You need a router with QOS.
  2. What is QOS and how do i use it?

    What if i connect both computers via Ethernet cable? would that help?
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