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I have Asus Maximus 2 Formula MBO,XFX Geforce 9800 GX2,with 4GB DDR2 at 1066 Mhz of Corsair,and 850 W Chieftec PS...after few minutes playing almost every game, the game begans to slow motionning...gets too slow...cant move,almost hard to drive..or whatever...playinhg CODMW2,NFS SHIFT,etc....any solutions?? tnx
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  1. Are you overheating? Run HW Monitor in the background and after it starts getting laggy exit out and check the max temperature that you hit. Your card may be heat throttling.
  2. GPU-Z would provide broader readings for the components of the card. HW Monitor only records the temp of the GPU core. Use the Sensors tab and check the box at the bottom to allow it to continue refreshing while in the background.
  3. gpu at 102 C(228 F) ,other at 107 C (231F) to cool it down a bit,unless make a frige around it? :P
  4. Those are some HOT temps! I knew GX2's got hot, but damn! [:huntluck:9]
    Contact XFX and report the issue, including the temp readouts. Maybe even have GPU-Z create a log you can send them. Unless your card isn't registered and you don't have the lifetime warranty on it, they'll issue an RMA.

    In the meantime, you can try leaving the case open. You could also get a fan to blow air across the card. I don't know if either will help. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.
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