Compare overclocking 1055t and 1090t

some guys says that with 1055t they reach to 4.1ghz.
in many sites you see in review of the 1090t they reach to 4.1ghz too.
we know amd is a company that price/perfomance is very important for when 1055t overclocks same 1090t why they produce 1090t?are they fool? :pt1cable:
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  1. The 90t is for noobs who are scared to change the FSB even though its basically as easy as changing the multiplier.

    Noobs pay the premium, the rest of us get the goods for less $$$
  2. sacring?they just need to search internet!!!!and they will find that
  3. Check my sig, 4.2 easy!

    Forgot to change timings on Ram though, should have set them to

    Have had 4.5Ghz stable but too hot on air, 65+ Celcius prime 95 run for 1 min, with 1.59v through chip (very high and not long term running!)

    Room temp at 26 Celsius now, waiting for cooler days where room temp can get to low single digits with window open, bring it on!

    1090 is great if you dont want to stress about the OC, change Multiplier and Voltage and there you go 4Ghz.

    1055t needs a good Mobo and good memory for OC as you do it by FSB. Its harder but more rewarding!

    pay for ease, also 1090t will be better binned most of the time, unless demand for 1055t means good chips capable of being 1090t become 1055t.

    Intel do the same thing, your 875k thread where you go on to discuss its merits is exactly the same, unlocked multi chip more expensive and will OC the same as Locked chips just easier!

    AMD are not fools, Its like saying Intel are fools for producing i7 965 and 930 which both will clock to near enough the same upper limit!

    Why would you buy a 965 for twice the amount as 930 when both will OC to the same limit!
  4. intel is not a price perfomance company.just perfomance.when amd produce 890 fx and 1055t,1090t they back while p55 and core i5-750 is better than 790fx and said for safe overclocking pay 100$ more.
    if you look i7-875 is much better than i7-860 because of that i7-875 is expensive.but when 1055t and 1090t has same result why?
  5. Point being?

    860=875 without Unlocked Multiplier

    1055t=1090t without Unlocked Multiplier

    875 and 1090t easy OC by Multiplier

    860 and 1055t OC by FSB!

    Both locked chips will OC like Unlocked chips!

    Bring a better argument than that!
  6. if you say this then it must be core i7 870 has same result like core i7 875.
    same speed same cach and .....!!so
    so why 875k is better than 870?
  7. "Sidenote - You need to compare the 655K to the 650 and the 875K to the 870 in the charts. Now, the original 650 and 870 values should be roughly similar to 655K and 870K. However what you'll notice throughout some of the benchmarks is that there are some discrepancies. New BIOS updates made these processors faster thanks to many BIOS tweaks inserted in the newer firmware. Keep that in mind if you notice an anomaly."

    Read the whole review through before you decide to use it as a link!

    875k seems faster due to BIOS TWEAKS

    "New BIOS updates made these processors faster thanks to many BIOS tweaks inserted in the newer firmware"

    Really, I mean really, no really!

    only difference between 870 and 875 is umm.. unlocked multiplier

    "We explained you about firmware anomalies. The 875K results here are a bit off... I inserted the results to cover all bases, but rather look at it and then quickly forget it as something is a little off there."

    Two pages on and hilbert explains again why is seems 875 is better and says forget that!

    This is Hilbert.. a legend of Guru3d, really!

    Also look at the gaming benchmarks with the 1090t.. Its the same performance except at 1280

    "Now, that doesn't mean that the unlocked K editions are a requirement, no Sir. If you stick with regular air-cooling as most of you will do, then at default the Core i5 and Core i7 series processors can already overclock really well. You might be limited to multipliers in the 22-25 range, but if history has taught us one thing, it is that the CPU base clock is a gem when it comes to overclocking as well. The very same performance levels you have witnessed today, we also have shown you on the original Core i7 870 and Core i5 650 processors thanks to base clocks of over 165 MHz, often even 190 MHz.e a few fps between them except at 1280 which no-one will use with those chips!"

    This in hilberts conclusion 870 can OC same as 875 for performance..

    Learn to read and think things through alfred.

    Debate is good though :)
  8. ok you are right about mainbord i made a mistake.but 875 is cheaper than 870!!
    in gaming look at toms benchmark they use use 5870.
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