Crysis issue.

Thsi should be in the Gprahics cextion, But I have a tempary ban from there.

That out of the way:

I owned Crysis played it at 1680x1050.

Worked fine.

i hooked up my new 19x12 moniter,, And Crysis won"t let me play at 19x12.


Crysis is making me play at 1600x1000, Can"t even play at 1680x1050 anymore!
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  1. Are you using "optimize settings" or manual settings.

    Oh... Am I allowed to talk to a "banned" member? :p
  2. ^ manual.

    I tried optimize, Didn't fix nuthing.
  3. What do you have your native resolution set to outside of gaming? Try setting it to 19x12, if not to see if that helps.

    Also, have you tried starting a new game and see what it does? Maybe there is something in the setup file of your current game that won't let it change??
  4. I se tit to 19x12 the day i got it.

    and Il try a new game, but it's outside of game, in settings, in startup.
  5. Fully patched and all? Might need a reinstall.
  6. Having a CRYSIS? /pun
  7. EXT64 said:
    Fully patched and all? Might need a reinstall.

    can't digure out how to patch.

    And I'm trying to avoid an Uninstall, I don't know hoe many Intsalls I have left. (0 prolly)

    (I bough it used)
  8. It has a limited # of installs?
  9. I think...

    It's an EA game.
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