Is there Six Memory slots for 1155 Socket Motherboards for 2600K?

Hi all,

I am looking forward to build my hi performance PC, basically for hi intensive application use. Looking forward to buy SandyBridge i7 2600K.
But initially i wanted to add 12Gb of RAM and then later add another 12 gb thus making it to a robust 24gb powerhouse.
With regards to 1136 sockets mobo's support 6 slots for memory, and memory modules are cheaper for less than 200 dollars for 12GB (even as less than 150 dollars in case of corsair vengence).

But it seems that with the new 1155 socket motherboard has a limitation of 4 sockets on any mobo. Thus limiting the budget to 8gb. Or making us spend more for memory module to adjust by over three times.

I can wait if Asus or other companies are working on building new MOBO's to support 6 memory slots. ANy word on this?
Any suggestions, comments!!??
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  1. Also is there any other alternative for 1155 socket motherboard for using sandybridge for triple channel. Cos i guess 1155 only support dual channel.
  2. 1155 only supports dual channel. the Sandy Bridge that replaces the 1366 socket is the 2011 socket. It's due out 4th quarter 2011. It's supposed to be quad channel. as for the can use 4gb modules and have 16GB...
  3. Well in that case i7 980 is the best bet as compared to SB i7 2600K. Although it is 500-600 dollars more, but when you think if it this way.. that one might have to invest more money when the 2011 socket comes out in Q3 if they are planning to upgrade from sandybridge. That means pay for sandybridge, then after 6 months pay additional money for buying upgraded motherboard + CPU if they roll in 3000K.

    Instead why not buy i7 980? I know lot of people will argue that SB 2600K is faster in "lot of aspects" as compared to 980. But many of us know it is not. It might be faster on couple of unused scales, but mainly due to the 6 cores the ability to multitask on a monster level.. the 980 desktop is an ideal buy!! i7 980 is a faster computer than sb.. enough said!! True 975 is slower to sb, but not 980. Plus you have better mobo's for 1366, and have more memory slots plus triple channel ram.

    Seems these days guys are substituting a computer for an xbox or ps3!!
  4. The socket 2011 cpu's are the enthusiest class due out in q3. It's not meant to replace s1155. s1155 is just a mainstream platform intended to replace s1156, s2011 will be high end and meant to replace s1366.

    You can buy two 8gb (4x4gb) memory kits and you have 16gb. You will never need more than 16gb, not in this decade.

    There not going to put 6 dimm slots on a mainstream board, especially when you can easily put 16gb on it already.
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