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I have mounted over the weekend a new CPU cooling system: XigmaTek - Dark Knight-S1283V.

My questions is related to the proper mounting of the fan. Should the cooler's fan be mounted as an intake one (that is blowing into the radiator) or as an exhaust one (that is sucking the heat away from the radiator)?

Presently, I mounted the fan exactly as shown on the manufacturer’s website - to blow into the cooler’s radiator. As a result and comparison to the original Intel stock cooler, my CPU temps at idle remain the same as before (40C to 44C) but dropped during full load to 70C. Such a mount allows the fan to blow into the radiator and on the opposite side of the radiator is positioned my exhaust fan which is mounted on the top-back side of the chassis. I also have two other exhaust fans mounted on the top of the case and two intake fans mounted on the front and side panels of the chassis. In total I have 5 fans + the heatsink one.

So, I wonder if my CPU temps are going to drop even further if I reverse the orientation of the Dark Knight’s cooler fan and make it suck the heat from the radiator and transfer it to the chassis exhaust fan as opposed blowing into the radiator from the opposite side of the radiator (just across the chassis major exhaust fan).

What do you think?

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  1. Best case scenario is push / pull, with a fan on each side. If not, you're probably best with "pushing" the air through the HS as you have it configured. Give it a shot though, you may get better results by pulling the air out and passing it to the rear case fan.
  2. I also think that you will get somewhat better cooling with the fan pushing air through the heatsink, mostly because two fans close together will generate turbulence that will interfere with airflow.

    You can alway try both configurations and go with whatever gives you lower temps.
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    Normally single fans push air through the radiator and let the case fans pull the air out of the case. Thats how the manufacturers design them.
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