Xps-420 to P6T6 WS revolution upgrade

I want to take out my motherboard and put in the P6T6 WS revolution (non dell) will this screw up any of this OEM crap or will it get me out of it? I may need a coach, as this is my first attempt to get oem out of my dell on an upgrade, and I have not done any hardware upgrades since 1995. I want to put in a new quad core intel i7, what one can I use? and is that the best processor to choose?
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  1. You don't want to upgrade a Dell. Your current system is worth more if you sell it intact. Dell ties the windows installation to the dell motherboard. Changing it could cause you to need a new coa sticker. Your dell windows cd may install, but microsoft won't re-activate it on a non dell board. If I were in your shoes, I would format the hardrive and use your restore cd (if you have one) and do a fresh install of windows and put your system on ebay or craigslist. Don't know what you'll get for it, but it's free to try. Set a minimum bid of around $400 for the bare box and accessories. You may want to reuse the monitor. I have worked at dell manufacturing three times; their systems aren't designed for upgrading. If you can learn how to change out a motherboard, might as well go all the way and start from scratch. I've been building systems for twenty years. I had no experience or help with my first build, but I got it working.
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