What mobo should I get? I wont xFire or Sli, but will OC.

It will be a i7 930 CPU with HD 5770, 5870 or 5970 if i come into some money for my birthday. I really won't ever crossfire because I have no problem just buying a new/better card when the time comes and seems to better way to go.

I was originally looking at the x58 chipset (GB ex58 UD3R) but all of those boards support xfire/sli. Would that still be best route to take even if i don't xFire, for CPU sake and longevity?
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    The X58 chipset is your only option for an i7 930. Yes, the Gigabyte UD3R boards offer very good bang for the buck. That's what I would get.
  2. I would go with the p55 hipset and get an i7 860 and a Asus p55d deluxe motherborad
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  4. Alright cool thanks guys
  5. I have a gigabyte ex58-ud5. Which is basically the ud3r with bigger heatsinks. You can't go wrong with the ud3r for the money.
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