New motherboad doesn't boot.

I just got a new motherboard and 4gb of ram, and i connected it all up and it turns on just doesnt boot. I really have no idea what it could be. It worked fine today but when i put the new motherboard and ram in it does nothing. No beaps or anything.

Please help asap.


Intel core 2 duo 2.4ghz
BFG 9600gt oc2
Corsair 550W PSU
2x2GB corsair 1333mhz ram.
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  1. Was the CPU fan spinning? Any LED on mobo lit ot blinking? Did you use the brass standoffs? Make sure all the connectors are well secure.

    remove all the parts from the case. Put mobo on a deskp, mount CPU, heatsink/fan, memory, graphics card. See if it POST. Do not forget to make the connection of PWR jumpers. If still no POST, probably bad mobo, memory, or CPU.

    If possible, attach a picture.
  2. The CPU was spinning, and theres no light i can see on the mobo. They are all secure.

    I will do that tomorrow just to annoyed right now and what are PWR jumpers?
  3. read your mobo's manual for jumper descriptions, and run through sections 3&4 here,
    I'll look back in the morning when I'm in from work
  4. will do and i wont be home until around 6-7pm tomorrow :(.
  5. cool, i work nights is all so I'm off in 5 mins :)
    seeya tomoxxles man,
  6. Fixed it, sort of... I had the 4pin connector in wrong but enough of that now to the main problem. It Turns its self off. Turns on for a short time then goes off. Please, please do not say i need a new powersupply. I really can't spend any more money on this.

    Basically all i can see is that it turns on maybe a minute or a few seconds later it just goes off.

    PSU is Corsair 550W, the same as i stated above.

    Please help i cant buy a new one.
  7. Run through sections 3 and four on
    although depending where you had the 4pin plugged may have created a problem all by itself :(
  8. Sounds like the ram problem on this page, Going to try that tomorrow but when i puushed them in the just clicked into place and didnt seem to go any further. And i cant rember them remotely moving.
  9. Tried the ram today and doesnt seem to move at all, and still does it. But it still stayed on a few minutes and it wouldnt even load up properly. It would come up with the screen saying repair or start normally. If i press normally it just restards and if i press repair it cannot finish because it turns off before then.

    Also it seems to always say that they the dvd driev is always slave even when i change the cables around.

    Just going to get my brother to have a look tomorrow as he knows a lot more than me.
  10. Cool, a fresh pair of eyes often see something new, hope it goes well and post back,let us know how you got on
  11. Still not working, my brother came up and still turned off even with the GPU not in also still shows the ram on the bios. So i put my old motherboard back in. What could i do with it because it isnt working. Would i be able to get my money back for the ram and the motherboard.
  12. Have you ran memtest on the ram?
    depending on where in the world you are (And how recently you bought them) you should be able to take/send them back I'd think
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