Couple of quick question regarding my 300 watt PSU ...

So first question, i am currently running a Geforce 9800 GT EcoIntelligence (no 6pin connector required) on my 300 watt PSU that came with my PC, i've had it for a year and it is running flawlessly,and wanted to know if i HAVE TO upgrade my PSU before upgrading to a Radeon HD 5750 ???

Secondly, i was wondering if this PSU :

will fit into my Compaq Presario PC case :

I really don't wanna upgrade my PSU if i can run the HD 5750 on a 300 watt PSU, on some power consumption graph i saw that an HD 5750 doesn't consume much even at its peek, so .... yeah

My PC Specs are listed here, except that i upgraded to a Geforce 9800gt Eco:
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  1. compaq PSU are not great even when compared against other mass PC sellers.

    so the answer to all your questions is yes.

    look for a 2.0 ATI 5750 rather then the 2.1 version and a single slot may fit better then a dual slot one depending on what else you installed.

    why are you looking to upgrade though?
  2. Well i see a massive 20FPS difference when i look at the benchmarks ...

    So you think a 300 watt PSU is enough for the HD5750 ?
  3. nope. get the antec basiq power 550.
  4. ^^^^

    Peak output is meant for short burst of power surge. It is not continuous power. Never, ever judge a PSU by peak power output.

    The 400w Corsair PSU will be enough for the HD 5750. It can be enough for the HD 5770, but that depends on the other components. However, I would recommend the following 450w Corsair:
  5. Either/or, the above two choices would be an EXcellent replacement.
    If Cost is important, go for the corsair 400 Watts - NO problem with up to 5770 1 Gig GPU. If you can spring for the extra then go with the corsair 450.

    Going from the 9800GT to a 5750 will result in a (1) reduction of approx 20 Watts at Idle and (2) Reduction of 10 Watts @ load. Worse case is a 5770, running furmark would be only an increase of 8 W over current system.

    In any case, your system, when under Load, is to close to that 300 W max rating and as one poster said - Not the greatest of PSU. Save yourself some possible grief, the 30 -> 45 bucks spent on a EXCELLENT PSU is WORTH it and sleep better!
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