Worth upgrading my p5N-32E SLI?

I currently have a q9650 processor, 8 gigs for DDR2 800, and a p3n-32e sli mobo, which has been nothing but trouble, and I have read often that it is a less than optimal board. I was curious if it was worth upgrading to a newer 775 socket mobo, and if so, which one, or if I'd be better off waiting a (long) while and getting a new board, processor, and ram.
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  1. It would be a waste of money to get a new LGA775 board unless you have a dead or dying board. Save your money until you can jump to a new system.
  2. That depends. If you need SLI then no. If you want to use crossfire and overclock then a decent P45 board is the way to go but only if you spend no more than $100. If you're only using a single card then I would get this board and overclock the CPU to hold you off till you can do a complete upgrade.

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