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Hey Everyone,

I'm looking into getting a new graphics card. I play some higher end MMO's and would like something that can handle it better than my current video card. I currently have a Nvidia 9600gt 512. It runs most of my games great, but I get some shuttering at times. I want to go ATI to go with my AMD based motherboard setup. I also don't want to spend anymore than $200. I'm thinking the Radeon HD 5770 is the best bang for the buck. What do the experts think?

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. yeah HD 5770 will hack slash and smash any MMO out there. And any upcoming MMO.
  2. HD5770 is a good choice it handles most games well up to 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  3. For your budget, i suggest HD5770 as well. :)
    Make sure u have enough power(PSU) to run that card.
  4. Ok, I'm convinced to go ahead and get the 5770. Now I'm not sure what brand I want to run with. I currently have ASUS motherboard and a XFX card. Here's my choices for my new card......


    which do the experts recommend most? Some are $20 higher than others....does price matter with these brands?

  5. It is your decision. They are all good brands and have different things going for them. XFX warranty, MSI and ASUS cooling and overclocking, Sapphire vapor X and some have simply good price.
    I personally would consider all those brands if I was currently on the market.
  6. I was thinking of going Gigabyte. Good price and bonus cooling also.....but. I noticed in the specs it doesn't have RAMDAC speed, as opposed to the others with 400mhz. If my knowledge serves me correctly, isn't RAMDAC useless with LCD monitors? Is that a feature I would miss?

    Thanks again
  7. It has it just not listed.
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