Sa an administrator i forgot the password now i can't access some programs

how do i change the setup so i won't use administrators
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  1. hello
    I have "Hiren's BootCD" .. you can buy it
    By the CD it's so easy to remove any password

    there is a way but it's 50% working .. In the motherboard there are place like that "lll" and it's covered by a cover of 2 shows like that "Hl"
    ok you have to turn the cover to be like that "lH" and turn it on .. it will not turning on
    then replace it on his place .. ( this step reset the motherboard )

    this method fine for the DOS password maybe it's working for the administrator

    and if you find another way
    plz tell us
  2. It's against forums rules to discuss ways to bypass passwords. You should have created a password reset disk like windows recommends.
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