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Hello All!

Well I have had a strange problem and have narrowed it down to the either the video card or the power supply. When I play a game or using 3DMark my screen will go black as the video driver has failed and windows 7 restores it...ANYWHO, I have a 500 watt power supply and a GTX 275 Video card. My power supply either has something wrong with it or under max load I do not have enough juice and it is causing this to happen. I ran the calculation and under 90% load my recommended PS should be 477, but under 100% load it is 523 watts... Is there a way I can monitor the voltage on my PS while playing a game and seeing if I'm sucking to much juice causing this to happen?

TY Folks!!!
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  1. what PSU do you have?
  2. It seems that Power Supply Requirements for your type of card is 575 Watt Power Supply (with 42A on the +12V Rail)

    I would suggest 650W like this one

  3. I have a Thermaltake PurePower 500
    Model: ISO-P500L
  4. oh wow, I do not think my PS has 40A on the +12 V, it says 14 or 15 I think
  5. Tizom said:
    oh wow, I do not thing my PS has 40A on the +12 V, it says 14 or 15 I think

    it probably states 14a on 12v1 and 15a on 12v2, you tend to find that on sub-par 450w units.
  6. Thermaltake no longer makes a 500W purepower unit, but i did find a few on newegg that are discontinued, is this the one you have?

    If so, its only packing at best 29A on the 12V rails, which is less than even the corsair 400CX. The other two only offer up at best 36A, which would be a little tight to run a 275 on. If you only plan to run a single GTX 275 i recommend you get one of the following
    Corsair 550vx http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139004&Tpk=550vx
    Antec TP-550 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817371020&cm_re=tp-550-_-17-371-020-_-Product
    Seasonic S12II 520W http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151094&cm_re=S12II-_-17-151-094-_-Product

    They are all about the same price, but the TP-550 has cheaper shipping, the corsair has a rebate, and the seasonic has a lower price to start with to make up for the shipping so it really depends if you are going to do the rebate on the 550VX.
  7. Yes, http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?item=N82E16817153052&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-RSSDailyDeals-_-na-_-na&AID=10521304&PID=3463938&SID= is my PS.

    Wow, so it looks like my PS is the one to blame as I am severely under powering my vid card. It looks like this must be the reason my this is happening while in Game, I'm simply sucking to much power causing this to happen, what do you guys think?
  8. I would blame it on the PSU, even if its not the PSU's fault it would still be a good idea to replace it with a good unit. From the looks of that thermaltake unit it wasnt even a good unit when it was new, 70% efficiency, passive PFC, and only 384W of power on the 12V rail.
  9. those thermaltakes 450 & 500 units are actually 350w-375w units with incorrect stickers on them...on purpose of course

    *here's a lovely review of it

    To start off, we can’t believe that a company like Thermaltake is still labeling some of their power supplies with a fake wattage. This should be illegal. Officially this unit is a 405 W power supply, however we couldn’t pull 400 W from it for more than a few seconds, meaning that this “official” wattage is also unrealistic, as it was probably measured at 25º C (we test power supplies with a room temperature of at least 45º C and the power supply ability to deliver power drops with temperature).

    Being able to get only 375 W from a 500 W power supply is not the worst part: starting at 310 W +12 V outputs were presenting voltages lower than the minimum allowed, offering real risk to your components.

  10. Wow thats pretty bad, i hadnt seen that.
  11. i recall reading it and laughing back when it came out. when I saw the amps posted I knew they looked familiar. The 450w and 430w I believe have similar reviews.
  12. Quick way to find out:

    Reduce your system's power consumption and test again.
    Unplug anything not vital to your test including:
    -Extra HDD's, DVD drive, sound cards, network cards etc etc,
    -Drop voltages/clock speed on CPU. This is where you can really reduce your energy consumption.

    Run test again and see what happens.
  13. wow, thanks a lot guys for all the information. A new power supply is defiantly in store then! I will let you know if that is the root of all my problems
  14. Well, I put in my new Cosair 650 and BAM problem solved! I go to find out that my old PS was bottle necking my whole system and the whole thing is running faster!
  15. gratz enjoy
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