AMD Processor/Mobo/Heatsink/Ram Advice.


I have been posting around and asking for advice for the last month. I finally have the money to drop on a motherboard, processor, heatsink, and ram.

I currently have a Antec Centurion 5 case, 600-watt Power Supply, WD Black 1 Tb Drive, and a dvd-rw drive, and a Sapphire HD5750 for the new setup.

I'm looking to spend around $300 total for all four parts. This will primarily be used for gaming and I would like a motherboard with crossfire support for the future.

If anyone has any up-to-date advice with prices included. Along with any thoughts about deals to look out for in the coming weeks, that would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Doh, I can't believe I put Antec.

    I'm willing to drop a bit more on the motherboard if necessary, $120-$130 maybe.

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