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Hi guys,

I am looking to buy the ASUS P8H67-M pro with the I7-2600K, 8GB memory etc.
I am wondering what you guys can tell me about the P8H67-M pro?

Could you tell me the difference between the P8H67-M pro and for example the Maximus IV Extreme?

I can overclock the P8H67-M Pro right?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. You need a P8P67 board to do overclock.
  2. For the Intel Core i7-2600K processor you should be looking at P67 chipset based motherboards.

    The reason for getting a K suffixed processor is because you are planning to overclock. P67 will allow you to do so and H67 won't.
  3. I'm confused. Almost every review states that H67 chipsets cannot be overclocked, yet ASUS website pushes the easy overclocking softwate ( TurboV - Easy, Real-Time O.C. Tunings) provided with this board. What is correct?

    Havew ASUS found a software overclocking / turbo mode, or is their website just wrong?
  4. all those oc options are for the on iGPU although their is the turbo boost 2 as-well which gives a small auto oc to cpu if needed, this is how it breaks down,
    -h67 = on board gpu but no overclocking of the cpu (igpu can be)
    -p67 = no on board gpu but cpu (k) can be overclocked
  5. if i get a 2600k and burn it as a result of OCing, is it covered under warranty? or is intel allowing us to OC, but we're on our own?
  6. Yeah you're correct, Asus does say that you can overclock not only the iGPU but also the CPU, they are quite clear about this on their website. However, I'm in the process of taking this matter up with Asus themselves. I also bought the P8H67-M and fitted the 2700k CPU with a view to overclock No chance, all the information is incorrect, misleading, call it what you like but it's actually illegal to mis-represent a product in the UK. I will wait and see how they rectify my situation, let alone others in the same boat.
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