GTS8800 issues

COMP specc :
core duo e6600 2.4 GHZ un-clocked (About to get a new fan )
4 gigs of ram ddr2
geforce gTs8800 640 MB
asus striker extreme

im finding my graphics card temp to be extremely high 100 degrees while playing cod 80 degrees whilst at rest .
thot maybe the fan was not operating at maximum speed but EVGA precision tells me its looked at 100 % speed . im at a loss for a solution as i cleaned the case just last month . im using the stock cooling on everything at the moment but the case has 4 fans already set up on them ..
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  1. Did u try to re-apply the thermal paste of your card?
    make sure u have the latest version of driver... :)
  2. The cleaning was inclusive of the heat sink on the card? If so is it an EVGA? If so did they offer and did you register for the lifetime warranty at the time of purchase?
  3. Pop the shroud off the card and blast a can of air in the heat-ink, get all the dust out.
  4. y failed to clean the video cards fan during the last dust off i did ill give it a go tomorow also decided to buy some thermal paste but was planning to apply that to the processor also running a bit high (60-80ish iddle/activity) .
    thx for the quick replies btw will let u know how the cleaning affects temps and perfs tomorowz
  5. also can i overclock it safely with stock cooling on the GPU or am i supposed to get a new fan for it
  6. My setup is almost exactly the same as yours.

    These cards seem to run hot. Mine is idleing at 83C right now. However, in game it goes up only a few degrees. Mine has never gone over 90C.

    I should remove my car as well and blast some air in and see what happens.
  7. Yeah the 320 and 640 versions of the 8800GTS do run pretty hot.
  8. P ro blem fixed after i cleaned it it is now running at 50 iddle and 70 while runnin g cod +a movie on second screen .performance issues are gone as well thx a lot for the help.
  9. Housekeeping inside the computer case is important. Just another proof of it.
  10. Yeah, the dust back in the single slot cooler days were really scary. I'm not sure how my 6800GT lasted so long while it was packed with dust.
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