Gt 220 vs my onboard geforce 8100

hi just want to know if i will have improved performance overall
currently i have an asrock k10n78m mobo with onboard 8100 video 512mb
will i see an improvement overall? only games i play are warcraft 3, red alert 3, WOW.
iam not a crazy gamer just want to know if its worth upgrading btw iam buying it 2nd hand for 40$ from a friend

its a gt 220 1gb ddr3 EVGA

oh and just want to know if the fan is really loud? coz i read in some reviews it is tnx
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  1. Yes it will be a substantial improvement. It is tiered about the level of HD4650DDR3 so for $40 it is good. Don't know about the fan though your friend should know
  2. wat about compared to 9600 gt is there a big difference 9600gt vs gt 220
  3. 9600gt will be about twice as fast as the 220. The only benefit of the 220 is that it will work with a weak power supply.
  4. A GT 220 will be alot faster than your current onboard 8100, but it is still rather weak for gaming. Of course a 9600GT would be alot faster, as would a more power friendly GT 240 or Radeon 5670.
  5. thanks to all your reply
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