Random mechanical "Clicks" and Write Error Rate (S.M.A.R.T.) increasing

Hello, everyone!
I decided to write on here as I have been shadowing the forums for a while and found invaluable advice quite often. I am sure someone will be able to assist me.

After 4 years, my Pavilion dv6000's 250GB WD hard drive began showing corrupted sectors. Being paranoid, I had backed my data up on several externals, and was even able to recover most of the contents even with a S.M.A.R.T. drive health of 58% and dropping.

However, seeing as I use my computer for pretty much everything, instead of buying a replacement HDD, I decided to purchase a Sony Vaio E1511, with a Seagate hard drive (ST750LM022).

I have been using this computer for 4 days, and I've noticed the following issues:

- once in a while, particularly when talking on Skype, I will hear a mechanical "click" coming from the hard drive, at totally random moments.

- i've come to associate that "click" with an increase of Write Error Rate/Multizone Error rate. The computer is barely a week old, and yet, my raw score is at 82 (I am attaching the full diagnostic at the bottom of my message)

- My Spin-Up time is reported by several pieces of S.M.A.R.T. software as being sub-par (a score of 89%).

Now, should I be concerned? Every time this "click" happens, the Write Error Rate increases by one.

Thanks in advance,

==== S.M.A.R.T. data follows ====

Read Error Rate,1,100,51,OK
Throughput Performance,0,252,0,OK
Spin-Up Time,3470,89,25,OK
Start/Stop Count,25,100,0,OK
Reallocated Sectors Count,0,252,10,OK
Seek Error Rate,0,252,51,OK
Seek Time Performance,0,252,15,OK
Power-On Hours (POH),64,100,0,OK
Spin Retry Count,0,252,51,OK
Recalibration Retries,438,100,0,OK
Power Cycle Count,28,100,0,OK
G-sense error rate,5,100,0,OK
Power-off Retract Count,0,252,0,OK
Hardware ECC Recovered,0,100,0,OK
Reallocation Event Count,0,252,0,OK
Current Pending Sector Count,0,252,0,OK
Uncorrectable Sector Count,0,252,0,OK
UltraDMA CRC Error Count,0,200,0,OK
Write Error Rate/Multi-Zone Error Rate,82,100,0,OK
Load/Unload Retry Count,438,100,0,OK
Load/Unload Cycle Count,943,100,0,OK
Free Fall Protection,3,100,0,OK
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  1. if the hard disk is clicking, it is faulty. you should exchange the computer if its still under warranty.
  2. I got a replacement, and it clicked as well, to be honest. Sony sent me back the original model saying they had run diagnostics and found no flaws. :S
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