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Is BDXL ready for prime time

I would like to backup several terabytes of data to optical media.

At 128 GB/disk, I could see myself carrying out this project.

But I was wondering how reliable and affordable the technology is.
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    One blank 100GB BDXL disk costs $80 on
    A 5-pack 100GB costs $255 here:

    I searched and couldn't find any 128GB blank disks. I'm sure when they're available for sale they will be even higher than the 100GB disks.

    I'm sure the technology is reliable but it is definitely not affordable. :)

    Also, there are no rewritable disks in BDXL format; so you can use each disk only once. :)
  2. That pricing is prohibitive. Is there any other way to back up data?
  3. External HDDs.
  4. Dereck47 said:
    External HDDs.

    That's what I do. One internal copy and two external copies on HDD. Just doesn't as permanent or "archival" as write-once optical media.
  5. You can buy a 15-pack of 50GB Blu-ray discs for $65. That's $4.33 per disc.
  6. Dereck47 said:
    You can buy a 15-pack of 50GB Blu-ray discs for $65. That's $4.33 per disc.

    Huge difference in price between 50 GB and 100 GB.
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